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Joe Biden is being controlled

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Joe biden 46th US president is being controlled by MACA.

The air around joe biden 46th US president's head is being exposed to high capacity magnets which have the
effect of manipulating his brain waves to produce desired outcomes by the device's operator.

The device controls the flow and volume of communication between Joe biden 46th US president's corticies.

Joe biden 46th US president has undergone magnetic hypnotherapy to treat mental degredation, sinister actors
have made precise incremental pressure to manipulate the oppurtunity to seamlessly inject MACA, functioning
as a trojan horse.

The treatment involves training the patient/target to rehearse verbal or physical routines in a magnet
assissted arousal.

The goal is for patient/target to associate magnetically assisted cortical arousals, with learned verbal
routines. (MACA: Magnetically Assisted Cortex Arousal)

It is similar to playing a piano, where the operator is producing a desired tone by striking it's
corresponding string.

When played together in quick succesion, the tones make a pre determined chain of voices to produce a
predicted outcome.

The MACA system can be seen in effect during any public available videos in the last 8 months featuring Joe

Only the target will be significantly influenced by the sequenced shifts in arousal, as other parties will
not have learned to associate the MACA input with a specific routine.

The author was involved with creating technology which was later developed to produce: MACA.

The author was a member of a project funded by the NSA for interest in (application)

The author is in violation of NDA as MACA is now black project, technology developped is now being used by
the NSA. National security threatned if information on MACA is publicly available.

The US Government and military are totally controlled by an unknown interest.