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DMT Elves

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Redpill me on DMT elves (or "machine elves", "clockwork elves").
Some people encounter these seemingly benevolent, intelligent entities while tripping on DMT.
These people (psychonauts) believe that the reality that they are in is real and that the DMT elves are real.
There are other "species" inside these trip-realities, according to the psychonauts.

Are the psychonauts right? Does this other reality actually exist?
Do the elves or other species exist?
What other species are there?

If those species really exist and we can enter their realm, can they enter ours?
If they can enter ours, can they camouflage themselves as humans to live among us?
Is this related to the reptilians? (i.e. are reptilians entities from the DMT-reality)

How does Loosh factor into all of this?