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Minna no Nihongo grammar english

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anyone have a PDF for english translation and grammar notes of Minna no Nihongo Shukyu 2, 2nd edition?

I've only been able to find the one for the first edition. the only second edition translation i've found is the indonesian one on libgen

Searching for the source of this image

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I went into the search tab of instagram and saw this pic. I screenshoted it and cropped it. Because of that i can't find the account of who posted it.
I tried tineye but it didn't find anything.

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Song from Northern Exposure (Starts at 50:49)

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anyone got the gif of the black man knocking down a white guy and choking him on the ground?

what manga is this from

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Could someone make the background transparent?
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Looking for a pic of 3 Japanese girls posing in a hallway. I've seen it on multiple boards before. Their outfits look similar to this and I think one is wearing red shoes. I don't know if it's from porn or something but they're all attractive and look older for school (17-18ish). The one in the middle is shortest.