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How to compose music?

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I would like to compose music and I have no idea where I can find resources about music composition. I already play the guitar and I know how to write music but I would like to learn how to write good music. Is there some book explaining how do you make your music sounds good?
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2 out of 3 usb holes not working

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while plugging/unplugging a card reader and XP-Pen drawing tablet the usb holes stopped working and I get a usb device malfunction notification every now and then
it has been a while since this has happened and the only answer I can find is to delete all the usbs and restart the computer to redownload them, but when I do that nothing changes
the closest similar problem is this:
but his problem happened naturally on its own while mine happened while plugging things in/out (I don't remember which made it happen) and because it didn't happen on its own I don't think downgrading windows will fix it and I tried digitiser's solution but I don't think I did it right as I didn't drain the battery and when I tried to shut down the computer while holding shift it seemed to shutdown normally
looking at the top yellow triangle usb says it is code 43 and the is connected property is true, but the in root container is false
should I retry digitiser's solution again while draining the battery this time or are there other things I could try before waiting for the laptop battery to run out?
please help I'm tired of removing my mouse every time I need to scan a card or use my drawing tablet for Osu
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Image editor for android...

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I cant seem to find any good software for image modification on mobile.
Until now i've been using image editor from bytemedia, it has much of the needed capabilities, but all of them are shitty in their own way.
All the others i can find seem to be only to add filters or blur the background.
Is there any quality app on android to modify images that has the same capabiliities as a pc program like gimp or photoshop?

Noisy fan

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>Laptop fan randomly get loud as fuck even when my computer is cold
The fuck is happening I even tried to clean it but it did nothing.

R help?

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Can any anon help me with an assignment in R? It's due in an hour and I can't do any coding since I'm getting this error - haven't touched Rstudio in a day

Error in source("~/.active-rstudio-document", encoding = "UTF-8", echo = TRUE) :
attempt to use zero-length variable name

Sub-surface laser etcher (point control)

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I want to use a sub-surface laser etcher by having control of where every single dot is placed inside a glass medium.

All of them require a file like STL to make a dot cloud but i want to know how i can make a file where it gives me the control to place all the dots exactly where i want them.

I want to tell it where the dots should be placed, how far from each other on XYZ axis. i'm not trying to make art, i only want to know what program gives me the ability to manually place all the point dots and have the machine understand it.

Sorry for my english, Having a hard time putting this in words.

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our school has these pen drives with special distros, meant to be live booted and have some exams made with them
i stole some, how can i make them into bootable full volume scremers? i have pretty much no experience with live boot configuration, but something like a gentoo/arch distro with pulseaudio and some graphical shit installed, and configured to play gore screamers full audio on boot?