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What are the videogames with the most autistic communities?
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/vt/ meta question

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I have a question about /vt/, but I can't ask it there because of the rules.
Why does everyone refer to a virtual YouTuber's irl Twitter account as a "roommate account"?
I know it's against the rules there to talk about irl. But are broad statements like.
>She only cares about her irl Twitter account.
really against the rules?

question for genuine oldfags

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Or lifeless people who're still stuck in imageboards. Back then in like 2006 Gurochan, there was somebody who did or posted the original scanlations of classic guro mangas like Mai chan and stuff like that. The person went by the name "Caterpillar"

in early 2006 Caterpillar had a website of his own, a very simple poor website where the scanlations were uploaded, we're talking 2000s internet style site, a simple page with links and nothing else. the site was closed IIRC in late 2006 due to copyright violation. at that time the main page featured pic related (maybe colorized) with a disclaimer about it closing due to copyright

my question is: do any of you remember the website IRL or name? I want to check it at the archive.org if there was any capture but I don't remember the name or URL (it was fucking 2006!)


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Desperately looking for source of this. I know it's Eto Yoshimura from tokyo ghoul but I can't find the artist or full res, just a bunch of pinterest posts

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I'm looking for an image, it's kinda like pic related where an anime girl is in the woods but it looks post-apocalyptic.
She's looking towards a structure that looks like a hospital that seems to have a large mutant flesh-growth on it.
I think she was holding a gun too.

prproj files got corrupted

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I've been working on a music video for an entire week, just for premiere to shit the bed in the last straight line and restore itself to default settings out of nowhere. It deleted most of my project files for some reason, including the very thing I was working on.
I've managed to recover the files with Recuva, but none of them want to open in premiere, they all say something along the lines of "its corrupt" or "there's a problem". One instance of the saves is even marked as in "excellent" state by Recuva, like it shouldn't be corrupt, but just like the others it won't open in premiere.

do you guys know a way to fix these corrupt files? thank you in advance. I'm gonna go die now.

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pls post anime characters with full beards