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What are some good comic book movies? I've already watched Superman Red Son and I enjoyed it, as I type this I'm also downloading Flashpoint Paradox, I would like to get some other recommendations.

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can you rip a joke from someone's stand up for your own book or similarly? are they copyrighted?

like movie quotes or similarly?

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give me multiplayer games to play holy shit im so bored

'90s & '00s Anime Movie Recs

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Can I get some recommendations on some anime movies (not shows) from the 1990s and 2000s. Preferably action and sci-fi related.

I have seen and enjoyed:
>Ghost in the Shell
>Ghost in the Shell 2

anime detective turns into a fish

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Trying to remember this anime short. A private eye is writing notes about a case, he's surveilling a disgusting slob and his daughter, who own a fish in a fishbowl. Eventually he realizes that he's turning into the dad, and the dad is turning into the fish, it's all a perfect loop, all revolving around the girl who is actually some sort of mystical being.
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Can someone please give him feminine eyelashes, thanks?
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