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Hololive Global

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/mogu/ + /doog/ - 猫又おかゆと戌神ころね

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>kronii confirmed omega's a dude
bros... i can't fap to this...
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さくらみこ / Sakura Miko 52

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A thread for the discussion of the Mephistopheles of music-making migraines herself, Mori Calliope, and the members of the extended universe.
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Nijisanji EN

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This is a thread for the discussion of Nijisanji's English branch and their vtuber units, LazuLight and Obsydia!

Nijisanji EN Youtube channels:

Twitter accounts:

Teamup Schedule for NijiEN:

To watch streams at the same time:
Open devtools (F12 key), go to console tab, input the following code, then refresh the page.
localStorage.setItem('rulePauseOther', 0);
You only need to do this once, or until your browser data is cleared.

NijiEN song playlist:
To loop indefinitely get a browser extension preventing Youtube autopause.

Reminder to ignore shitposting, discordfags, and tribalfags.

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Amelia Watson appreciation thread
This thread's for Ame, an adorable, dorky, wonderful detective
Last thread: >>10061578
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Nijisanji KR

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A thread dedicated to the VTubers of NIJISANJI's Korean Branch.

Youtube/Twitter/Twitch/Twitcasting links:
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Apologize to the rabbit

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1 year anniversary of Pekomoon
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/∞/ - Ouro Kronii General - 01:49

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Names of Kronii's memberships
Tier 1: Seconds
Tier 2: Minutes
Tier 3: Hours

>Previous Stream:【Celebration Stream】Membership Unlocked!

>First Superchat VOD:

>Debut VOD:

#ourokronii (General)
#krotime (Streams)
#kronillust (Art)
#kroniijokes (Memes)
#kroniirotic (Unofficial Tag for NSFW Art)

>Handy links:
Kronii's BGM:

>Current Schedule:
9/21 - Minecraft @ 5PM PST / 8PM EST, (9/22) 12AM GMT / 9AM JST
9/22 - Orcs Must Die 3 w/ Calli @ 8PM PST / 11PM EST, (9/23) 3AM GMT / 12PM JST
9/23 - Hollow Knight @ 12PM PST / 3PM EST / 7PM GMT, (9/24) 4AM JST
9/24 - BREAK
9/25 - Members Only Karaoke (Unarchived) @ 8PM PST / 11PM EST, (9/26) 3AM GMT / 12PM JST

>If you can't do timezones, consult the following:

>Previous Thread:

>Current Bond Level: 2.5

>Fanfic Listing:

>Fanart Gallery:

>Clock Sounds:
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