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Hololive Global
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Your oshi is now the main playable character in the last game you played. She has access to all of their canon lore abilities. How fucked is she and/or how fucked is the game world?
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What >males do you actually enjoy?

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I can't think of any good western one other than Ais
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/voms/: Pikamee, Tomoshika and Monoe Archive

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pcoming streams:
• Pikamee: Monster Hunter Rise Collabhttps://youtu.be/j01CroJ0mJU

Recent streams:
• Pikamee: https://youtu.be/d_EJ3fZId-s
• Tomoshika: https://youtu.be/3rIMN20PmPA

One Year aniversary stream + New models:
Pikamee • https://youtu.be/1S28YbUhNy0
Tomoshika • https://youtu.be/uZ-FFNKtAdk

Pikamee schedule • https://twitter.com/amanopikamee/status/1379030475633647616?s=19

Voms info:

Previous thread: >>2379682
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/wvt/ - Western V-Tubers Thread

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How did this bitch get away with having actual sex on stream?
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/yah/ - Beatani

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Our daughter is mastering shit posting, how proud are you?

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is it me or is she kind of a bitch to /ourgirl/ moona?
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>Nene covers Usseewa
>people are bitching that it's out of character for her
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Why do some of you complain about western whores ruining vtubing when Cover hired these two to literally be sluts and coombait on stream?
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