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Activision Blizzard + Microsoft

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Think microsoft will help improve the state of blizzard? The only thing I want from them is a ranked ladder system for War3. Not asking for much.
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lobotomy corp

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old thread (>>903552) is almost about to be archived, post LC/LoR/etc stuff
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Does anyone else still play this masterpiece?

I've been doing some 'co-op' with a pair of friends where we'll set up for a Barbarian at the Gates scenario as either Constantinople, Rome or China and face off against the scenario-appropriate foe on max difficulty. I've been considering doing the reverse, with the Iroquois and other native races against a larger American empire.

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Do you think Microsoft is going to do anything with Starcraft?
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with rome remaster having its own thread, i am making a separate thread for the upcoming med 2 remaster that was confirmed hours ago.


what are your hopes and thoughts about a med 2 remaster.
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OpenXcom thread

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Watcha Playing ?
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Transport Games

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A thread for OpenTTD, Locomotion, Transport Fever, etc.
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What kind of an autist do you need to be to play Total War in MP?
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