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Library of Ruina/Lobotomy Corp

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>no LoR thread up
Are all you librarians slacking of with Netzach again instead of putting up the thread?
What are we getting today for receptions, anyone know?
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What went right/wrong?
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Civilization 6 thread

Discuss the new Barbarian game mode, and any shenanigans related to it. Plus, try to guess which civ will be revealed next month. Portugal never ever

OP's starting question: Now that we got a barbarian game mode, what will the next mode will be and do you expect an unprecedented fourth expansion?
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HELLO /vst/
i am an elite skirmisher, the most worthless unit in AOE2. why i am i worthless? because the absolute dogshit AI in this game makes me attack the closest unit, instead of the archers i am supposed to be fighting. also, the dogshit AI means that enemy archers wont be attacking me since i am in the back and not in the front.

therefore the bonus damage against archers is worthless.
therefore the bonus armor against archers is worthless.

I, the elite skirmisher, am a fundamentally flawed unit.
of course all units in AOE2 are fundamentally flawed to the point of worthlessness. so that is par for the course in this broken retarded game.
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W&R thread

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I guess you can post any city building as well
How it goes comrade, have you build your gopnik paradise yet?
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New Three Kingdoms Update. The new content thus far
>new scheme mechanic for Cao Cao and captain's armory for Yuan Shao along with 5 new units
>Emperor mechanic reworked to actually be useful and can give you boons
>you can reinstate the Han Empire with him as your faction leader
>characters added to be playable in other starts (He Yi in 194, Yuan Shu 182, etc)
>Council is actually useful now and gives more interesting missions
>a fuck ton of new uniques, including Cao Ren and Yu Jin
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>one polack makes a better Stronghold game than an entire team
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Where do I get the best China-experience?
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I want to get into starcraft 2. Is it too late? Why is it not mega popular but league of legends is?

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Is it pointless to get into starcraft 2 in 2021? It doesn't seem like a starcraft 3 will ever come out. I want RTS to become as popular as other genres but it doesn't seem like it is going to happen.
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