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/vst/ is a place to discuss all types of strategy video games, including both turn-based and real-time strategy, turn-based and real-time tactics, single-player and multi-player (including MOBAs). All platforms are welcome.

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Frost Giant

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A bunch of ex-blizzard guys (who worked on warcraft and starcraft) went and made another company and now they want to revive the RTS genre. What could they be planning?

Battle Brothers

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LoR/LC thread

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How are you enjoying the new patch?
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AI War 2

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>chris changes engines and entire gameplay design, rebuilding it from scratch
>wife leaves him halfway through development
>makes the greatest strategy game of all time
How are your games going? You bought 10 keys for 50 cents each on g2a to give to your friends now that multiplayer is up, right?
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Looks-Seems like Elfthing's back-back on the menu boys!
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When did Total War lose it's soul?
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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

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Anyone tried this yet? Apparently a full english release is coming soon so I would like to hear some opinions.
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Stellaris Thread

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It's out
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*filters you out of paradox games*
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