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Cyberpunk 2077 Comfy Thread

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10 days left!

Last Night City Wire: https://youtu.be/TCKfebVQFhU

Keep it comfy and ignore shitposts.
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Any other cyborgs here?

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I don't often see many around here.
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Who's the best Witcher waifu and why's it Vivienne?
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"I'll play the pyromancer!"
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Skyrim was clearly the RPG of the last decade, but since it has still not been topped is it safe to say it is also RPG of this decade?

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Why the fuck does anyone like this game? It's so fucking shallow, linear, and repetitive
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I'm on my first playthrough of FF4 (J2e's 10th anniversary edition translation) and final boss is kicking my ass. All my party is between LV 54-57, is this ok? Am I underleveled?

Cecil has Ragnarok sword and Crystal armor. Edge has Genji armor and Diamond arms wih 55 defense.
Cain has Holy Lance and Dragon armor.
What do? Hurry before the Xanax wears off and I end up frustrated giving up on this charming yet horribly archaic rpg.
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