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How do I obtain MewThree and other such PokéGods /vp/?
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Dear god, Anon... why are you such a pathetic trainer?
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/PTCGO/ - Pokémon TCG Online General

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"Pokemon cards are fun" Edition

New/Returning Player?
> (deckbuilding guide)

>Public trade is like the GTS, if you want proper results, put up your own offers.
>Don't open tradable packs unless it's from giveaways (and POST PULLS)

What theme deck should I buy? (current because theme decks are cancelled)
>Relentless Flame (most luck)
>Dragonite (most consistent, most commonly played)
>Charizard VIV (has SSH trainers)

> (meta analysis of online tournaments)
> (online tournaments and decklists)
> (reddit's budget decks)
> (4chan budget deck pastebin)
> (trading tips pastebin)
> (automated prices for online trading)

Some basics to know in preparation for TCG Live
>Get 125 untradable/tradable packs so you get the max numbers of crystals upon transfer (enough for 1 year of battle pass plus)
>Only 4 copies (a playset) of everything you have in collection will transfer. Any remaining copies will give you jackshit.
>SR energy seems to be safe, you can transfer up to 59 copies of basic energy
>cosmetics (coins, sleeves, deckboxes) will only transfer 1 of each and only cosmetics associated with an irl product
>tokens, tickets and HGSS cards won't transfer
>no expanded at launch but there may be a LOT-on format in the meantime
>ptcgo goes offline forever before the official launch, remains online during the beta
>release date unknown, beta for canadian smartphones first. ptcgl icons have been spotted on fusion strike blister images (november 12)
>if you sign into ptcgl during the beta, the transfer occurs and you will lose access to ptcgo

Support Articles for ptcgl

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/ef/ - Eevee Friday

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Pile Up Edition

The place to talk, draw, cuddle and love Eevee and its companions. /vp/'s only thread that matters.
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/pmg/ - Pokémon Masters EX General

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Report and ignore all cross posters

>What is Pokémon Masters EX?
A mobile Pokémon game that's real-time instead of turn-based and focuses on collecting trainers instead of Pokémon.

>Re-Roll Guide

>Sync Grid and Lucky Skills Guide

>Cumulative Master Mode Usage Chart
>Weekly Master Mode Usage Chart

>Sync Grid Simulator

>Model ripping/datamining project (3vp) FAQ
>Upcoming Events

>/pmg/ Clears Repository

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Best way to play Pokemon

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What is your idea of the "definitive" way to play a Pokemon game of any given gen?

Do you prefer vanilla; the game just the way the developers released it?

Do you prefer romhacks that generally keep to the confines of the base game with just some easier access to pokemon/different enemy teams/basic quality of life stuff like say Drayanos older hacks such as Sacred Gold/Storm Silver?

Or do you prefer hacks that completely overhaul the game, adding in new mechanics/moves/pokemon from later gens, adding in extreme changes including qol stuff like say Inclement Emerald?

Or do you have a different idea of how a game is best experienced?
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The peak of pokemon designs
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J Balvin V!
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What's his strongest Pokemon?
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>This is real
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