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Idoly Pride

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How are you guys doing in summer event?
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Dokkan Battle

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Explosive Chain Battle [vs. Jiren] saga
It's time to defeat Jiren with the power of trust and reach top 1% anon
Dokkan Battle wiki: https://dbz-dokkanbattle.fandom.com/wiki/Dragon_Ball_Z_Dokkan_Battle_Wiki
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Have you ever reached the top global or high ranking globally in any game you played?
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Last Origin

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Global Soon. Maybe. Hopefully.
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Tales of Mobages

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Is anyone still playing Rays/Asteria/Crestoria? Can they survive this year?
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So /vmg/, how much money have you spent on mobile games and gachas?

Another Eden

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New Another Eden thread now that previous one is page ten limit.
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King's Raid

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Previous thread >>400490

Good NPCs are back in the menu, rev up those gifts.
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