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Christmas season
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Disgaea RPG comes out on April 12th, any of you guys are planning to play it?
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Granblue Fantasy

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What's your favorite game where you can go full TOKUSENTAI with your team?
For me, it's Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle for Android and iOS.
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Blue poison from Arknights
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Puzzle & Dragons (PAD)

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Karin Story in NA
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How much money have you spent on mobile games?
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Cookie Run Games: A Batch Made in Heaven

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Harro Everynyan. How are you? Fine, thank you. We're back at it, and it s'more than a good chance content is inches away. Let's review:

>Black Raisin and Pure Vanilla Cookie have arrived. Do you have what it takes to draw them?
>The Nether Gacha contains Pure Vanilla while the standard Gacha has Black Raisin
>Strawberry Crepe Cookie to come soon
>Two new story chapters released
>Part 2 (3?) of The Battle For Fate comes soon, bringing new events and fun!
>Licorice comes in exactly 2 Days, 16 hours!
>Expect a teaser for the new update soon!
>Starlight Nightlight Mastery and SEECRIT MISSION end at the same time as Licorice arrives! Get your rewards while you can!
>Mentor/Mentee, Rainbow Cube Piggy Bank, Story Run and Battle run end in two weeks!
Puzzle World
>Wake me......when you need me......
>Will update this when it does!

Got your cubes and crystals ready for Licorice's great arrival? Are you gonna crack from not drawing (cookie) in Kingdom? Were you let down by Enchantress' buff/update? Is the latest Kingdom update enough content to keep you happy? Discuss all things Cookie Run!
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Mobile ads autism

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Why mobile ads are so autistic these days??