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Dokkan Battle PHY Cooler Edition

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Linking partner made easy : https://www.web-api.eu/dokkan/
Remember you have until the 14th to fill the 350m download celebration survey
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Skadi from Arknights
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Langrisser Mobile

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Christiane/Suzette next week.

Apex Tomorrow
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Last Origin

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New bioroid soon
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League of Legends: Wild Rift

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Dead game. Never thought I'd see the day League would fail but here we are.

Any other good MOBAish games? Brawl Stars is too braindead and Mobile Legends is okay I guess. I just don't like their champ designs.
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Girl Cafe Gun

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China Dresses and Nomads
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Touhou Lost Word

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Instead of the Halloween event with Koakuma and Rumia banner, we are gettting A FUCKING RERUN of the very first event. WHY?!
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Kusoges primarily aimed at women and gays. But also just any game adjacent with cute / hot dudes.

This new Subaru feature scout is most likely gonna be a green card, which reminds me I'm patiently waiting for Mao to finally get his spotlight event this year. I'm tempted to roll.
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King's Raid

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Previous thread >>400490

Good NPCs are back in the menu, rev up those gifts.
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