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Zionist resistance thread

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The abuse of Palestinians and others who are suffering under the occupation of the evil Zionists must end.
Any other anti-zionists out there?
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For discussion of very important /brit/s


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How are my /vip/ friends doing though?
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Now that Nancy Polosi declared the war on Racism, all of you fucks are terrorists.

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posting an abababababa on the very important board.
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Utility Project 100x Gem

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The Team will begin creating the Baby ETH Fan Launchpad. The Launchpad will be one of a kind and the team will be working closely with experienced developers to evolve the platform. Stop loss trading tools and lightening speed charts will distinguish this project from the rest.

Baby ETH Fan will have a ️ lightning speed stream charting DAPP based on the Binance Smart Chain Tokens & will leave PooCoin Charting in the dust. Sniping Tools will be implemented into the chart to help the community on their mission to the Moon! The charting DAPP will be one of a kind and includes a trading bot to help secure the perfect buy in on any trade.