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#321: Sunglasses at night Edition

This general is for the discussion of original, fanmade, or look-a-like Mega Man games, as well as original titles developed and published by Inti Creates.

>>/mmg/ news
SS Tron/Ferham and Bubble Bomber available.
Treasure Hunt Summer Event. Dark Coin thing exists now.
Geo, Sonia, SS Pallette, X-Kai datamined / Split Mushroom, Hell Sigma, Nana
3v3 and guilds soon (wink)
"Global" version

>>/Inti/ news
Blaster Master Zero 3 pre-order available with limited bonuses
Kanna and Leibniz confirmed
New Demo, 7/15th-18th
Final BMZ3 stream on 7/28

Rockman XZ is a mobile game (China only)
Capcom's worldwide cumulative sales on Mega Man as a brand up to March 31: 36 millions of units
Star Force Manga fully translated on MangaDex
Red Ash animation on the works
Star Force DX is out
Megaman X Maverick Hunters Field Guide Book available for preorder

>DiVE Links (game, emulators and other stuff)

>Lists of Games and Fangames

>Game Downloads (all MM games plus MN9) (MM improv. patches/romhacks) (BN 4.5 Translated) (BN6 Gregar Patch) (BN .cia files)

>Audiovisual Media
Contains: Cartoons, Anime, Comics, Manga and other printed media - Art Books - Music Playlists and albums

>Old /mmg/ stuff/Archive

>/mmg/ Cytube, Looking for mods
cytu-be/r/mmg_inti (replace - with .)