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The spear is still a shit weapon
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Just bought this, what am i in for?
Any tips?
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>Doom 3 heavily criticized as huge disappointment at launch
>aged like a fine wine

>Half Life 2 heavily praised as groundbreaking at launch
>aged like milk

Doom 3 truly is a timeless classic
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Who's your video game waifu/husbando?
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We're never getting another good Oddworld are we
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Come, anon.
Let's be happy together.
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>realism comes in harmony with beauty and aesthetics
>realism pushes away anything that looks attractive

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with all this talk about gamers being ready to shell out based price of $70 +DLC and MTX, this needs to come back
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Shiver Star has a very ominous vibe to it.
It feels completely different from the other planets and instills a strange feeling of unease.

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get woke... you know the rest