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/v/ kept saying this game would be dead on arrival and that it's a bad game.
If that were the case why are people still playing it?
Why is the player count still maintained after release?
Why are the reviews favorable?
I think it's because the devs are actually listening to feedback and making changes to the game already.

They are:
>toning down the aggressiveness of special spawns
>adding ways to remove attachments on guns without replacing them
>adding progression to solo play
All based on community feedback.

Compare this to games like Fall Guys and Among Us which got their moment of spotlight, and the devs essentially did fucking nothing despite community outcries.
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Forget about Steam deck

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Apple handheld console will be the true competitor to Nintendo's Switch
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How do I beat this hallway with enough health for the boss?
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Whats the consensus on this?
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Play The Sims 4(cuatro)
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engi >>>> gunner > scout >> driller

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Popular opinions in gaming you agree with

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What are popular some opinions in the gaming community you unironically agree with?

Fighting games fucking suck and deserve to die.

>ur just mad cuz bad
Yes, because I don't care to spend hundreds of hours to "git gud" on this boring shit. Same opinion as almost all the gaming community in general.
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post your face when

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*blocks your path*
wat do

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What are some games where you're fucking invincible?
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