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>book author writes the story
>screenwriter writes the scenes and dialogue
>set and costume designers create the look
>cinematographer sets up the shots

Can someone tell me what the fuck the director does again and why they get all the credit when a movie ends up being good? Even the executive producer is more useful

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What do you normally get at the theater?
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What is the worst classic film you've watched? Or at least, your least favorite.

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5 Hours of pretty good show just to have the most pathetic run of the mill unimaginative ending.
I felt like throwing up when the soviet old people started hugging her.
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ITT: visuals that didn't age well
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They literally could not make this movie today. It would be critically panned as “transphobic” and problematic. Nowadays Buffalo Bill would be considered transgender because to be a woman today you just simply need to self-identity as one, with no surgery required.
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>new guy joins fbi and they play him the tape where a girl is tortured with a sledgehammer and she's screaming and pleading for them to just kill her
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