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Is the expat life a cope?

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What countries can I go to that are not completely infiltrated by globohomo? I am ethnically Armenian and could apply for a visa to live in the country but I have a feeling that with the interconnectedness of the world the same ills of enforced hypergamy and neoliberalization are going to reach my motherland. I feel like I use these factors as copes and blackpills to not improve my daily life, but I put in alot of effort at my job work and effort at the gym only to have month long dry spells and no options to coom and spend like $100 on a night going out with my friends to the same bars with high chances I will not be getting laid that night. I am pretty sure I have unironic ADHD but have been fucked over by shrinks before and they are always so cold to be around. As a result, I have all these crazy ideas like being a digital nomad or owning foreign real estate and FIREing my way through living in a third world country without putting in any of the work. Am I in over my head or is this a worthwhile goal to have? Part of me thinks that this is an internal problem but with the way society around me is eroding in the worst possible ways I am terribly afraid of the future. I have been posting on this board for a while and I trust your guy's input and I cant stand /int/ so sorry if this is off topic and long winded