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ITT: Obscure toys from your childhood no one else ever talks about.
For me it's Food Fighters
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>literally a figure of a little boy holding his dick out with an attachable piss stream.
Why is this allowed?

Imagine if they made a female equivalent with a hand spreading the labia. There'd be a fucking outrage.
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Toku General

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Upcoming releases:
SO-DO Kamen Rider Saber Book 6 - March
Cho-do Ultraman 8 - March

Upcoming exclusives:
SHF Bravo King Durian Arms - June
DX Flame Sword Rekka Sound Update Edition - November
SHF Ultra Zero Mantle - May
SHODO SUPER Bio Hunter Silva - April

November releases:
DX Tri-Cerberus Wonder Ride Book - 11/14
RKF Kamen Rider Slash Hanzel Nuts and Gretel & Hansel Bremen Form Change Set - 11/14
DX Ultra Medal Ultra Legend Set EX01 - 11/14
DX Ultra Medal Ultra Legend Set EX02 - 11/14
Figure-rise Standard ULTRAMAN SUIT DARKLOPS ZERO -ACTION- - 11/14
Mini-pla Grateful Phoenix - 11/16
Chodo Ultraman 7 - 11/16
SO-DO CHRONICLE Kamen Rider Gaim - 11/16
DX Evil King Dragon Wonder Ride Book - 11/21
Kamen Rider Calibur Evil King Dragon Complete Role-playing Set - 11/21
DX Dragon Tamer of Hope Wizard Wonder Ride Book - 11/21
DX 2011 Fourze Odyssey Wonder Ride Book - 11/21
Collectible Wonder Ride Book SG04 (Candy toy) - 11/23
SHODO-O Kamen Rider 4 - 11/23
RKF Kamen Rider Calibur Evil King Read Set - 11/28
ENTRY GRADE Kamen Rider Saber - 11/28
DX Ultra Medal Ultra Legend Set EX03 - 11/28
DX Ultra Medal Ultra Legend Set EX04 - 11/28
SO-DO Kamen Rider Saber Book 2 - 11/30
Collectable Wonder Ride Book 06 (Capsule toy)
Collectable Wonder Ride Book 07 (Capsule toy)

November exclusives:
SHF Shinkocchou Seihou OOO Tamashii Combo - TAMASHII NATION 2020 11/6-11/8
SHF Zero-One Shining Hopper - TAMASHII NATION 2020 11/6-11/8
SHF Zero 10th Anniversary Special Color ver. - TAMASHII NATION 2020 11/6-11/8
DX Giraffe's Gift Wonder Ride Book - 11/07
DX Houshin Kamen Engi Wonder Ride Book - 11/20
SHF Vulcan Assault Wolf - 11/17
SHF Evol Black Hole Form (Phase 4) - 11/17
SHF Shinkocchou Seihou Ixa - 11/24
SHF Brothers' Mantle - 11/24
Ultra Replica Ultra Zero Eye & Ultra Zero Bracelet

Everything else:

Last thread
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Glyos General: Artwork Edition

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Power Rangers General: Monstrous Edition

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/lg/ - Lego General: Land Animal Edition

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Welcome to Lego General, do you guys have any idea how difficult it is to find a picture of this mold from behind, fuck it I give up

previously: >>>>8576957
pbbg: >>8449276
arrow: >>


>/lg/ Flickr Group:

>Archived Threads:

>Third Party Information:

>Sister Board:
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/ctg/ - Coomer Toys General #22

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>/ctg/ - coomer toys general
Pimp my Ride Edition:
Previous Thread: >>8546535
>What is /ctg/?
A thread for all toys that are coom worthy
>Why do we need a general?
We just do stop asking!
>Is there a place I can view/post uncensored pics?

The Rules:
>Please censor ALL nipples/genitals before posting images
>Don’t kink shame, if it’s not for you, move on
>No hotglue pics, it violates the board rules and that is not what we are here for
>Be respectful, have fun and most importantly post pics!

>Upcoming Releases:
figma Rider of "Black": Casual ver. (Releases May)
Amazing Yamaguchi No.015EX [Harley Quinn] New Color Ver. (Releases December)

Released Recently:
SECOND AXEHENTAI ACTION Erika Kuramoto (Figure) - June 2020
> (Not taking orders so you’ll have to find her in the wild)
Daiki no Goblin-san 1/12 Posable Figure - June 2020
Daiki no Orc-san 1/12 Posable Figure - June 2020

Coomer Accessories
SkyTube Love Toys
>Sold out but can find KOs on eBay/AliExpress they seem fine but YMMV
Inmon Decal Set 1 and 2 for 1/8-1/12 (Decals)

/ctg/ Approved Bodies
Hon Studio Bodies
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Dc general

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No more bat-
Ok more batmans.
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Marvel General: I Showed You My Deadpool

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Last issue:

House of X Wave revealed : Xavier, Magneto, Wolverine, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Omega Sentinel (BAF TBA)

Bring on the Bad Guys Wave: AIM Scientist Supreme, Dormammu, Arcade, and more to be announced. They teased MODOK at the end

Recent Store Appearances & Pre-Orders:
Ultimate X-Panse - Transformers/X-Men Collaboration
ML Spiderverse Wave (Stiltman BAF)
Deluxe Thanos
ML Venom wave (Venompool BAF)
ML Avengers Gamerverse wave 2 (Joe Fixit BAF)
ML movie Deadpool & Negasonic Teenage Warhead
ML movie Wolverine (Origins)
ML movie Mystique
ML movie Magneto & Professor X
ML Old Man Logan & Hawkeye
Mafex Ben Reily
Marvel Select Venom v2 (re-release)
Marvel Select Carnage v2
Retro Spider-Man Cyborg Spider-Man (Target), J. Jonah Jameson (Fan Channel/online), Black Cat (Fan Channel/online)

Spiderverse ML wave has already been found in Canada!

Target's Retro Marvel event/figure release date is supposedly the 29th of November. Negative Zone Spider-Man is being found already, Cyborg Spider-Man, Gambit, and Rogue are so far still absent from shelves.

Marvel Zombies Deadpool from Hot Toys revealed.

Spiderverse Miles from Sentinel up for pre-order on Gamestop's website.
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1:18 general

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Another thread for 1/18 scale, the best scale there is.

Anything you are excited for? Post new stuff you got, customs, Dios, vehicles, anything 1:18 related.
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