/f1/ - Relentless Formula 1 General - The Girlfriend Experience Edition

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>Countdown to United States GP:

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>Edd Straw, the Status
Why prozac-deficient internet hookers are a welcomed sight here at /f1/

>Grands Prix remaining until Kimi Räikkönen leaves F1

>WDC Standings:
Verstappen: 262.5
Hamilton: 256.5
Bottas: 176
Norris: 145
Perez: 135

>WCC Standings:
Mercedes: 432.5
Red Bull: 397.5
McLaren: 240
Ferrari: 232.5
Alpine: 104

>WEC Standings:
Hamilton: 804.73 (+87.28)
Bottas: 679.76 (+0.71)
Unexposable Danny Ric: 596.54 (+67.84)

No race week
Today Charles Marc Hervé Perceval Leclerc turns 24 years old
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Gotta laugh at the amount of COPE

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/nfl/ general - HISTORICAL LOSERS edition

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ARZ: Kingsbury COVID positive, won't coach vs. Browns
SEA: Chris Carson (neck) joins Russell Wilson on IR
SEA: DK Metcalf (foot) removed from final injury report
WAS: McLaurin expected to play, Friday DNP a precaution
LV: Josh Jacobs, Peyton Barber will both play Sunday
NYG: Toney (ankle) questionable, likely to play vs Rams
BAL: Lamar Jackson practices in full, good to go vs LAC
SEA: Russell Wilson (finger) headed to injured reserve
DAL: Zeke questionable, expected to play and score TDs
NYG: Darius Slayton (hamstring) questionable for Week 6
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/afl/ - bourbon time edition

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grab a bourbon
pull up a seat
and discuss the trades
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international man shaft break

mo 20:45 hahnsis jungs / north Macedonia

tue 17:30 u21 / hung gary
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/mlb/ general: NLCS edition

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LAD: Scherzer gets save as Dodgers advance past Giants
SF: La Stella (Achilles) starting Game 5 vs. Dodgers
BOS: Chris Sale starting Game 1 of ALCS vs. Astros
LAD: Lux playing CF, batting sixth in Game 5 of NLDS
ATL: Jorge Soler (COVID-19) likely to miss the NLCS
HOU: Framber Valdez to start ALCS Game 1 for Astros
HOU: Jake Meyers (shoulder) says he's ready for ALCS
STL: Mike Shildt officially out as Cardinals' manager
LAD: Knebel to open for Dodgers in Game 5 of NLDS
HOU: McCullers (forearm) 'most likely out' for ALCS
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football will never be the same when he is gone
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