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<span style="font-size:18px;font-weight:bold;">The name field is now enabled</span>

To use a secure tripcode type 'Username##password' in the name field (minus quotes), replacing 'Username' with whatever you want your name to be, and 'password' with a secure password (dictionary words/phrases are not secure).

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1. All camming, 'rate me', meet-up, 'report in', etc, threads welcome.
2. All posters must be 18+.
3. No random porn dumps. Post pictures of yourself!
4. No asking for drug hookups.
5. Don't make duplicate threads. Use the catalog (try the search feature).
6. No contactfagging.
7. No signfagging.
8. No paywhoring, begging, or soliciting.
9. Guys, don't post your pics in girl-only threads (and vice versa).
10. Be respectful to each other.

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m butts thread
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Damaged Goods Dating: 2 Electric Boogaloo

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Since there are people who have dating harder because of certain issues such as depression, autism, PTSD, heart breaks, trust issues, BPD, clinginess and so on I think you deserve a thread where you could find your half.

>ASL Orientation Race
>Your issues
>Personality description
>Physical description
>Style description
>Hobbies and Interests
>Favorite music genres/albums/songs
>LDR yes or no? Can you travel?

>Ages, Genders and Races
>Issues that you think you can't deal with
>Personality traits
>Body Types and Heights
>Biggest weaknesses (ex for style, personality traits, physical ones anything)

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New Dirty Kik Thread

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Standard dirty kik thread.

Post your ASL and what you're looking for.
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pubic hair on a woman

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hot or not?
would you go down on a girl that doesn't shave it clean?
what's your experience during intimate moments or sex? your thoughts?
ladies can also join the discussion - it's your pubic hair after all
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Kik nude game

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You know the drill
Post your kik and send a nude to the 3 people above you.
Also don't forget OP

KIK Jonasty135
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New Cuck and Bull Thread

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New Cuck and Bull Thread as the old one is dead.

32 Bi Dom Bulll here.

Show off your partners, Exes, OR tell em your sexual stories and confessions!!!

First off all conversations are private unless asked not to be.

Come Share Your partner with me, Let me tell you what i would do as we watch them naked,

Tell me everything they have done in their slutty past, their kinks, their shameful slutty secrets, their proudest slutty moments.

Want me to message them? Want me to message them through you and you tell them exactly what i say?

Want me to corrupt them?

Want me to rate them or degrade them?

Want me to take them from you and breed them?

All this and more! add me on kik bidombull4576
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lgbt & soc server

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Hey ppl of 4-Chan.
Some of you might know me some of you dont, Yuna here.
I made my own Server with some old regulars of old known ppl and a bunch of new ppl!
The purpose of the Server in general is to bring together our soc and tttt frens to meet and hangout, or even date.
I mean at least, it worked for me. :3
We still starting tho.
I would love to see some new Faces.
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WA state meetup thread

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28 M whos single looking to go out with a woman in the western WA area specifically greater Seattle area like Everett, etc.
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