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<span style="font-size:18px;font-weight:bold;">The name field is now enabled</span>

To use a secure tripcode type 'Username##password' in the name field (minus quotes), replacing 'Username' with whatever you want your name to be, and 'password' with a secure password (dictionary words/phrases are not secure).

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1. All camming, 'rate me', meet-up, 'report in', etc, threads welcome.
2. All posters must be 18+.
3. No random porn dumps. Post pictures of yourself!
4. No asking for drug hookups.
5. Don't make duplicate threads. Use the catalog (try the search feature).
6. No contactfagging.
7. No signfagging.
8. No paywhoring, begging, or soliciting.
9. Guys, don't post your pics in girl-only threads (and vice versa).
10. Be respectful to each other.

UK Meetups/chat thread

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This is a thread for people in the UK to chat and meet up.
Discords and snapchats
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Dirty Kik Thread

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/erpg/ - Erotic Roleplaying General

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Severely Goth Chick edition
Old thread: >>30132322 & >>30127530

>New here?
This isn't just cybering as yourself or being flirty on kik, you can get that elsewhere on /soc/.

>What the fuck is ERP?
Erotic Role Playing. Your "ASL" can be the elf princess or the rugged but gentle half-orc knight that saves her, or even the dragon that keeps her. Perhaps you're a sci-fi greasemonkey, or the pilot of the starfighter she's repairing. Anything is valid.

>What is F-List? How do I get started?
F-List is a site dedicated to typefucking, featuring a chat, notes, kink lists, and character profiles.
Once you've come up with your character, register an account and create a profile for them. It will ask you for a character name.
From there it's just a matter of fleshing out your creation by filling out the description, kinks list, and adding images.
If you're having trouble, feel free to talk here with us in the thread or join our channel with a blank profile. We're happy to help you figure things out!
Take a gander at this too

>So, I made my Character, what now?
Open F-chat 3.0 from the chat tab on the top left of the Homepage. Browse through the channels, find the ones which interest you and/or apply to your character. Approach people. Post your new profile here for feedback and matchmaking.

>Community resources & example logs

>Login Stats
>Live Status Tracker
>Filtered Ads

TQ: Ever ERP, enjoy yourself, but come to regret it upon reading the logs? When it does happen, is it usually the kinks, the themes, or sub-par performance on either end that makes you regret it?
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New Wickr Thread!

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Old one too old
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Girls who have been raped/abused post photos of your legs.

Get it off your chest. Tell us about your rape/abuse, what happened. Did you put yourself in bad situation? Were you completely taken advantage of? How long before you could have sex again. Do you still think of it during sex? Develop kinks for it? Any tendencies that you attribute to your rape/abuse, positive or negative?

If your legs are too identifiable, then feet or hands will do.

No contactfagging unless she asks.
No need to arguing about what exactly is or is not rape in a court of law.
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18 F from Russia bored as fuck I would love to answer some questions or debate stuff or almost anything
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Slut thread.

Post dicks / nudes for rates and tribs.
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You are invited to join Arcadia, our smol and comfy community. It's the unspoken truth of humanity; that we crave purpose and a sense of belonging. We all belong somewhere, join our family, make us your home. The bright lure of other servers diminishes your life's joy with cheap promises of acceptance, of identity... Arcadia provides, as long as you're 18+!
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