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Ye olde: >>12951097
Mercury first edition
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Anyone here know anything about quantum computing?

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Is this shit legit? Where are we in terms of the first functional quantum computer? Also, how do I get into the space and find work here? IBM, Google, etc
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Scientific lies that everyone believes

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>Female praying mantises rarely eat the males during coitus, especially in their natural environment. In a study in a laboratory at the University of Central Arkansas, it was observed that 1 out of 45 times the female ate the male before mating and the male ate the female with that same frequency.
What other scientific misconception you believed?

/tex/ - Texbooks and Flowcharts General

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I fucking love this book
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Are ghosts real? Scientifically speaking that is.

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Scientifically speaking.

What is the most effective and natural way to build a body made of stone?

Autism Test

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>Continuation thread old one aged out.
So /sci/ what is your answer to question one and why is it 1/2?
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What actually caused the death of Floyd /sci/?
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