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NASA LUCY Mission Launch Thread

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Liftoff is set for 5:34 a.m. EDT (0934 GMT)
NASA stream
Hullo's overview of the mission
ULA's Twitter
NASA page of the LUCY mission
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How can there be alternate Universes without true random? Every time I make a decision, I would do the same thing, because the influence of my decision isn't changed by anything.
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Can robots theoretically be conscious?
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/mg/ - Mathematics General

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Talk about mathematics, last thread was >>13723081
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is there any point in studying if you I slept 5-6 hours last night? I know jackshit about neuroscience, but I do know that it's pretty established that cognitive functions are all fucked up unless you sleep 7-8 hours uninterrupted.
So am I better off using the day to clean the house and doing other mindless shit, or could I still retain information if I study?
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Alright /sci/, let's assume you gained a lot of power in the past years, and now you can finally make policies about your population, involving their genetics and environment.

How would you like to build this new society?
Which set of traits are desirable inside said society and why?
Do you prefer one single homogeneous phenotype or people divided in eugenic castes according to their specialization?
How will you raise and educate people?

(please, no useless shitty fetishes like big women small men, you don't want to destroy your reputation, expecially in front of the oligarchy...)
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>its another episode where I have laser high-functioning autism focus after 10PM while struggling with procrastination and "tiredness" all throughout the day like an ADHD retard
I want off this ride.
What's the scientific explaination for this?
Why cant I focus like that during the day?
Is there any scientific way to make myself a morning person?
I've tried pretty much everything, going early to bed and waking up at 6-7 AM but I cannot focus for shit.
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Why aren't humans of different races divided into different species? brown bear, a polar bear, a black bear, and a bunch of other bears are all considered different species. Why are humans classified differently?
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What does the scientific community think about Rust Programming Language?
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