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i finished drawing bery nice girtl
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Recipe for misery

Your fortune: Godly Luck
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Pity pizza party

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In honnour of the Anon's beloved and belated father, I would like to offer pizza. It's not as good as his, but it's something.

Does anyone else remeber him? His greentext made me cry.

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no more namefigs they are bad for my health
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OMG this is soo sad!! I wish I could go back in time and post...
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What do you want from this place?

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There hasn't been anything new for awhile; let's change that! I would like a list of projects to work on.
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Can anyone tell me WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS
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my haiku

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i went on 4chan
i post the bury pink gril
this is a nice board

what do you thinke
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suck my cock lole
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Spikedog Thread!
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