I saved a pic do you want it here it is on my new OS

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Imagine if you were the last MAN on earth. What would you do?
(Besides the obvious things)
Get creative go stupid
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I work in a company that cooperates with other companies. The manager of the partner company that sends us the cardboard boxes to pack the goods with has hanged himself.

Your fortune: Better not tell you now
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Who is doing the introduction?
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reminder that
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N word.
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It's Christmas time squires! It's still Christmas and new year time because it's still January! Man I'm so rejoiced at the thought of you guys having a wonderful time on Christmas! Please be happy and blissful! Please find peace of mind and harmony in your life and get cozy on your couch and drink coffee with sugar and cream please enjoy Christmas guys I'm begging you please do it it will make me happy
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i am thinking of getting therapy. what do u normally talk about w/ ur therapist? ^_^
also, please tell me what you think of this picture!!
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