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Star Trek: Honolulu

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Star Trek: Honolulu

Congratulations Cadet! Your hard work and dedication over the past six months has paid off, and you will be one of just 86.5% of cadets who will be accredited as part of the Year of 2381 Starfleet Basic Security Officer Program. We regret to inform you that you did not have sufficient marks to join our advanced programs in Counter-Terrorism, Intelligence, Anti-Espionage, Law Enforcement, Advanced Investigation Techniques, Hostage Rescue, Martial Arts, or Tactical Boarding, but don’t worry, Basic Enlisted Security Officers are valued members of the Starfleet, without whom, our vessels, space stations, and ground-based installations would be less safe and protected.

As you finished in the top 70% of your class, we have determined that the best posting for you would be the USS Honolulu, a Saber-class starship patrolling the Risa Sector in the heart of Federation territory.

Please complete the following self-assessment sent by your new posting:

Name: ____________
Gender: Male / Female
Species: Human / Andorian / Bajoran / Trill / Orion / Risian / Romulan / Betazoid
Talks: Too little / Too much
Empathy: Low / High
Follows Rules: All The Time / Not Very Often
Enthusiasm: Low / High
Idealism: Low/High
Assertiveness: Low/High
Alcohol Tolerance: Low/High
Anxiety: Low/High
Understands Russian: Yes/No
Ambition: Low/High
Honor: Low/High
Modesty: Low/High
Level of Brown-nosing: Low/High
Bravery: Low/High
Intellectual Curiosity: Low/High