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Sellsword's Code Quest #0

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They tell stories of steel in every land Men live. Tales of knights and heroes, of brave adventurers and wise kings. Those are the tales sung by bards and minstrels. But the stories you hear are different. Tales of gold to be had. Of opportunities the next Kingdom over. Of contracts sealed with blood. For you are a sellsword.

The Realm of Gothyka has been embroiled in war for two centuries, and it shows no signs of dying down. For Centuries, the High King’s power has been a hollow shell and his vassals and lords have fought amongst each other to swell the borders and influence of their own petty kingdoms. A splintered realm, outside powers peer in, from Urbs Consecratus in the South to the rising Iron Kingdom in the North, while the High King desperately musters what remaining power he can to enforce any cohesion in his realm at all … before it inevitably ebbs away. And dark eyes peer from the Wildlands to the East. Tribes of wild men, savage in their ways, and tribes of feral beastmen, savager still.

It is a fine time to be a sellsword as the balance of power shifts wildly and battles are fought both on the field and in the dark. Whenever battles are had at night, whenever armor is best cloaked instead of polished. Whenever there is a story of steel where there is little honor to be had, your kind offers its services.

But that isn’t to say you all are honorless bastards. You, at least, have a personal code …

>The Code of Chivalry. You doubt that people will sing songs about your exploits, but that does not stop you from following the code you were raised to believe in. (Dispossessed Knight Background)

>The Contract. You’re a professional to the bones. What your employer commands you to do, you do without question. And you’d sooner die than break a contract. (Career Mercenary Background)

>The Iron Way. A man should not possess anything he did not seize in conquest (Reaver background)

>Futuwwa. Even when forced to fight for heathens, you adhere to the teachings of the Prophet. (Ghazi Background)

>Bushido. Pay is secondary as long as it allows you to continue to further cultivate yourself. (Eastern Wanderer Background)

>The code of the common man. You know little about codes of chivalry and wartime ethics. All you know is that you haven’t turned heartless … yet. (Common Man background, +1 free trade)

>No code. You are beholden to no master except yourself … so far. (Vagabond Background, +1 Fate Point)