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Shinobi Sidestory Quest #34

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You are Uzumaki Naori, and at the moment you are deep within a ruin left behind by the Ōtsutsuki clan, the descendants of Kaguya-hime and her immediate progeny. The ruins are filled with traps, many of which appear to still be armed, and autonomous puppets that appear to be powered by batteries. These you reason must be charged somewhere within the ruins themselves, in order for the machines to still be running after this many centuries.

“So yeah, I have a hunch,” you muse, taking a seat and placing one fingertip against the floor. “Keep your eyes open, will you?”

“Naturally,” Ryūzetsu agrees.

Fū nods emphatically. “Oh yeah, not trusting <span class="mu-i">any</span> of this for a minute.”

Using sage mode to enhance your senses, you search out the feeling you expected and find that your hunch was correct – the only way to ensure that a re-charging station would always have power would be to make it function off natural energy, gathering it passively and converting it into a form that could be used by the puppets. In this case, you think it’s being used to generate electricity, that can be stored inside a battery of some kind.

“I was right,” you declare, rising abruptly to your feet. “Natural energy is flowing down towards the center of this ruin, slowly but surely.”

“So that’s how these things work?” Fū muses, kicking the downed puppet with her toe. “Whatcha wanna do with this guy?”

“It <span class="mu-i">could</span> be useful,” Ryūzetsu suggests. “Shall I?”

“Mhm,” you agree. “By all means.”

Ryūzetsu opens up a scroll, unrolling it out onto the floor and drawing on a fūinjutsu formula before moving the motionless puppet over the center. Then, with a few quick hand seals, she performs the sealing and disposes of the puppet.

Fū does the honors of paving over the traps and smoothing up the tunnel as you lead the way, until you can’t help but run into another of the puppets.

“I got it!” Fū declares, tossing a few kunai into the air. They hover there for a moment before one of them lances forward, sticking into the charging puppet. After another moment where you’re not entirely sure what’s going to happen, the puppet stops. “Jakuhō no Sōjin!”

Through the use of her chakra, transferred from blade to puppet, Fū calmly forces its limbs into strange, contorted positions. “There was a medic-nin from Kumogakure, who mentioned this guy from her village- Toroi, I think? Anyway that gave me the idea for this.”