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This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process. They can choose to take suggestions from other posters, or not, at their sole discretion. Quests can be text-based, image-based, or a combination of the two. Drawfaggotry is strongly encouraged!

To facilitate the author-driven nature of quests, /qst/ differs significantly from other boards in that the OP of a thread is considered the quest's author, and has some basic text formatting abilities: , , and color tags [red], [green], and [blue]. Therefore, only those people willing to put in the effort to be a quest author should post threads. If you do not intend to run a collaborative story, do not post a thread here! This includes meta-threads.

Dice rolling follows /tg/'s format (e.g., "dice+2d6" without the quotes in the options field rolls 2d6).

Sellsword's Code Quest #0

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They tell stories of steel in every land Men live. Tales of knights and heroes, of brave adventurers and wise kings. Those are the tales sung by bards and minstrels. But the stories you hear are different. Tales of gold to be had. Of opportunities the next Kingdom over. Of contracts sealed with blood. For you are a sellsword.

The Realm of Gothyka has been embroiled in war for two centuries, and it shows no signs of dying down. For Centuries, the High King’s power has been a hollow shell and his vassals and lords have fought amongst each other to swell the borders and influence of their own petty kingdoms. A splintered realm, outside powers peer in, from Urbs Consecratus in the South to the rising Iron Kingdom in the North, while the High King desperately musters what remaining power he can to enforce any cohesion in his realm at all … before it inevitably ebbs away. And dark eyes peer from the Wildlands to the East. Tribes of wild men, savage in their ways, and tribes of feral beastmen, savager still.

It is a fine time to be a sellsword as the balance of power shifts wildly and battles are fought both on the field and in the dark. Whenever battles are had at night, whenever armor is best cloaked instead of polished. Whenever there is a story of steel where there is little honor to be had, your kind offers its services.

But that isn’t to say you all are honorless bastards. You, at least, have a personal code …

>The Code of Chivalry. You doubt that people will sing songs about your exploits, but that does not stop you from following the code you were raised to believe in. (Dispossessed Knight Background)

>The Contract. You’re a professional to the bones. What your employer commands you to do, you do without question. And you’d sooner die than break a contract. (Career Mercenary Background)

>The Iron Way. A man should not possess anything he did not seize in conquest (Reaver background)

>Futuwwa. Even when forced to fight for heathens, you adhere to the teachings of the Prophet. (Ghazi Background)

>Bushido. Pay is secondary as long as it allows you to continue to further cultivate yourself. (Eastern Wanderer Background)

>The code of the common man. You know little about codes of chivalry and wartime ethics. All you know is that you haven’t turned heartless … yet. (Common Man background, +1 free trade)

>No code. You are beholden to no master except yourself … so far. (Vagabond Background, +1 Fate Point)

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Claymore: Second Swords Quest #63

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You are Noel Tiberius, queen by birthright of the realm of Hazaran and daughter of the abyssal one Sabela. You are an experiment created by the Organization which turns orphaned and bartered girls into silver-eyed monster slayers, by all accounts half-monster themselves, with the intention of creating a more perfect tool.

In your case however the ‘tool’ has not only gone out of control, but effectively organized a rebellion that succeeded in driving the tool-makers away.

But each of you has a theoretical point of failure – one which is intrinsically linked to your ability to use the power called ‘yōki’. Overuse it, allow it to transform your bodies too far, and you won’t be able to come back. If that happens, you become something no better than the monsters, the yōma, you were created to fight.

Or at least that’s what they always told you.

Your enemies at the moment – a group of awakened beings under the command of a monster called Ella – are several of these tragic cases. But your ally in facing them, your close friend Serana, is like you and several others in your close confidence who have passed their ‘limits’ and come back somehow. Your mother and her fellow Abyssal One Salem have also retained enough of their humanity despite having become completely monstrous in their forms to assist you and your fellow renegade warriors, which they’re doing now as they face Ella together across the courtyard.

But your fight is right in front of you, with the other awakened beings that are currently on their collective back foot, being pushed back by the sheer ferocity you and Serana are showing them. You signal to Serana, a short little wave of your hand that tells her that you’d like her to back off ever so slightly for a few moments, and she obliges you.

“Damn them!” one of the awakened being shouts a few moments later as the Organization’s private army starts to fire on them from the flank. “We fell back too far!”

Some of them are fast enough and aware enough to avoid much of the incoming fire, and some of them have heavy enough armor covering their flesh that the smaller bullets bounce off harmlessly. But they’ve already seen what the heavier cannons can do to them if they’re unlucky, from when you put a round through one of their heads, and so three of them break off and charge the armored gun-carriers.

There’s a brief lull, where Serana can sign her thoughts across to you despite the sword in her hand.

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Shinobi Sidestory Quest #34

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You are Uzumaki Naori, and at the moment you are deep within a ruin left behind by the Ōtsutsuki clan, the descendants of Kaguya-hime and her immediate progeny. The ruins are filled with traps, many of which appear to still be armed, and autonomous puppets that appear to be powered by batteries. These you reason must be charged somewhere within the ruins themselves, in order for the machines to still be running after this many centuries.

“So yeah, I have a hunch,” you muse, taking a seat and placing one fingertip against the floor. “Keep your eyes open, will you?”

“Naturally,” Ryūzetsu agrees.

Fū nods emphatically. “Oh yeah, not trusting <span class="mu-i">any</span> of this for a minute.”

Using sage mode to enhance your senses, you search out the feeling you expected and find that your hunch was correct – the only way to ensure that a re-charging station would always have power would be to make it function off natural energy, gathering it passively and converting it into a form that could be used by the puppets. In this case, you think it’s being used to generate electricity, that can be stored inside a battery of some kind.

“I was right,” you declare, rising abruptly to your feet. “Natural energy is flowing down towards the center of this ruin, slowly but surely.”

“So that’s how these things work?” Fū muses, kicking the downed puppet with her toe. “Whatcha wanna do with this guy?”

“It <span class="mu-i">could</span> be useful,” Ryūzetsu suggests. “Shall I?”

“Mhm,” you agree. “By all means.”

Ryūzetsu opens up a scroll, unrolling it out onto the floor and drawing on a fūinjutsu formula before moving the motionless puppet over the center. Then, with a few quick hand seals, she performs the sealing and disposes of the puppet.

Fū does the honors of paving over the traps and smoothing up the tunnel as you lead the way, until you can’t help but run into another of the puppets.

“I got it!” Fū declares, tossing a few kunai into the air. They hover there for a moment before one of them lances forward, sticking into the charging puppet. After another moment where you’re not entirely sure what’s going to happen, the puppet stops. “Jakuhō no Sōjin!”

Through the use of her chakra, transferred from blade to puppet, Fū calmly forces its limbs into strange, contorted positions. “There was a medic-nin from Kumogakure, who mentioned this guy from her village- Toroi, I think? Anyway that gave me the idea for this.”
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WARNING, this is a VERY malicious and dark quest. It is not at all suitable for all ages. You must be of at least <span class="mu-r">[47]</span> man cycles to safely read this quest. Consider yourself INFORMED and CONSENTING!
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Warhammer 40k

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you're human slave, wat do?
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Pokemon Cult Quest

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You wake up. You were complete a few moments ago, but you can only clutch on the last threads of who you are while a malevolent shadow feeds on your personnality.
Before your last memories get wiped out, you feel a powerfull [Vote] attacks the ghost assaulting you, forcing it to retreat.

>A playful dash of pink
>An underwood-sent dash of wind
>A cold-steel touch that makes you feel any of your desire can come true
>An empathic, blue bond
>The smell of lavender, jasmine, rose, and other flowers you don't recognise
>A burning feeling of victory
>A resolute blade of justice
>A Melody dissipating all fear and sadness in your heart
>Glimmer of a thousand diamonds
>A Gold ring, full of mischief
>A devoted mechanical ticking noise
>A maybe greater menace dwelling in shadows
>A quarrelsome bolt of lightning
>Write in

About the quest : It will feature a slef-made region, a few fakemons, a good bunch of regional forms.
Combat will be resolved by opposing rolls. Pokemons move are not limited. Some will get learned by level up, other will require tutors or training.
Expect to meet some cheap tricks from some opponents.
This first choice is not a starter choice although it will have impact later.
In the settings, pokeballs are really limited but capture will be "autowin" once the pokemon is weakened enough.

What do you prefer about update rhythm? I was thinking as fast as I can, requiring 2/3 inputs (assuming no tiebreaker need) and minimum time of 15 minutes between updates.
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Star Trek: Honolulu

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Star Trek: Honolulu

Congratulations Cadet! Your hard work and dedication over the past six months has paid off, and you will be one of just 86.5% of cadets who will be accredited as part of the Year of 2381 Starfleet Basic Security Officer Program. We regret to inform you that you did not have sufficient marks to join our advanced programs in Counter-Terrorism, Intelligence, Anti-Espionage, Law Enforcement, Advanced Investigation Techniques, Hostage Rescue, Martial Arts, or Tactical Boarding, but don’t worry, Basic Enlisted Security Officers are valued members of the Starfleet, without whom, our vessels, space stations, and ground-based installations would be less safe and protected.

As you finished in the top 70% of your class, we have determined that the best posting for you would be the USS Honolulu, a Saber-class starship patrolling the Risa Sector in the heart of Federation territory.

Please complete the following self-assessment sent by your new posting:

Name: ____________
Gender: Male / Female
Species: Human / Andorian / Bajoran / Trill / Orion / Risian / Romulan / Betazoid
Talks: Too little / Too much
Empathy: Low / High
Follows Rules: All The Time / Not Very Often
Enthusiasm: Low / High
Idealism: Low/High
Assertiveness: Low/High
Alcohol Tolerance: Low/High
Anxiety: Low/High
Understands Russian: Yes/No
Ambition: Low/High
Honor: Low/High
Modesty: Low/High
Level of Brown-nosing: Low/High
Bravery: Low/High
Intellectual Curiosity: Low/High

Saiyan Awakening Quest 3

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You didn't want to have to deal with this at all, and the two men were so much weaker than you were that there wasn't much point in not just knocking them out, so without any further delay, you used your far greater speed to disable both of the men with one rapid hit to the neck each. You only needed two quick strikes and then it was done. The two newly suspicious soldiers were completely unconscious.

"Everyone. We have a little bit of time before the Gurus will finish creating the portal to the Ocean Palace. Does anybody have any ideas on how we're actually going to defeat the Queen?" Crono seemed to have taken the lead, at least when it came to asking questions of the rest of his allies.

"The best way to defeat Zeal is to either overpower her or kill her before she can defend herself. She can't be negotiated with... not at this point." Magus responded to Crono, but he got a lot of looks for his own suggestion, not that you can really blame everyone else for reacting to Magus like that. He wouldn't exactly be very popular among everyone else after all that he has done, who you were thankful wasn't currently here.

"You might be fine with it, Magus. But... The rest of us obviously have issues when it comes to killing other people." Lucca frowned at Magus, who just shrugged. He obviously didn't care about Lucca's moral issues with his suggestions. Why would he? This is a man who led an army of demons just for the power that doing such a thing would grant him and how helpful it would be in achieving his long-term goals. Honestly? You were also in support of Magus. While Lucca and her friends were all obviously very idealistic, Magus was incredibly cynical, and you were a realist. You understood that against somebody like Zeal, the only way to resolve things was likely to kill her, and that Magus was right.

"You'll regret thinking like that." Magus just shook his head, irritated at the resistance he was getting from Lucca. "There are some people who you can't negotiate with. Zeal is one such person. You've shown no issue with killing monsters up to this point, and I can assure you that Zeal is a far more terrible monster than any mere beast you've dealt with in the past."

"That might be the case, but thinking like you do isn't healthy, Magus. Can't you have a little bit of hope?" Magus scowled as Lucca asked him that, but before he got an opportunity to respond, one of the Gurus stepped forward to talk instead.
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Gaol Quest: a text adventure occasionally illustrated.

For your various (alleged) crimes against the Eternal Empire, the High Magistrate had sentenced you to life, and thrown you into the Gongalla Gaol: the pit of despair, the mistake of architecture and magic, the continent-sized holding facility. Thankfully, as per the required humanoid decency act, you are issued your mandatory spoon... for what good it does.

Previous threads:


You are Petunia Karachova, an ex-serial non-consensualist whose crime was so heinous, that you were sentenced to Gongalla Gaol. Despite your descent into depravity, a romantic encounter with a fellow inmate by the name of James Calaca had changed your life. Together, you traveled and met new friends: the plucky goblin Gobson G. Gobson and the ambulatory yet amnesiac(?) crash test dummy who James named Sierra. Your long-term goal is to eventually marry James, and while James wanted to escape Gongalla, you are content to stay together until the end of time - wherever that might be.
After recent adventures, you've landed in Gobson's hometown of Goblinton. After helping returning the Necrologue relic from of one of your former victims back to the hands of the necromantic nuns from the Church of the Eternal End - also known as the Crossbones - the town is under imminent attack by the Black Badges, a faction of highly augmented former Enforcers and soldiers of the Eternal Empire. And also apparently, the mysterious Dead Numbers has sent agents to infiltrate Goblinton and acquire the Necrologue. You thought you were safely in shelter with the nuns, but a former traveling companion has just teleported in: Frank, the formerly junior Wardenbot. His teleportation sigil incidentally also exposes a thuglike Dead Numbers agent, hiding behind a box.
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