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Welcome to /qa/ - Question & Answer.

This is a board for the discussion of meta topics and … other things.
Outside of meta, this board has no specific theme and you are free to be yourself! Please note all global rules are in-force here.

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name my band
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You DO own figures of the best girls, right anon?
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Delete /pol/.
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This is the west's last hope against China.

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Post pictures of wildlife you took in person irl and larp as a scientist. This specimen looks like a regular turtle, of the genus, reptilian

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Attack on Satania
Satania shippuden
Satania ball super
Satania's journey
Satania's last tour
Your Satania
One punch Satania
Satania note
Satania's bizarre adventure
Satania team epic
Satania slayer
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>toilet niggers

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>right to repair