Welcome to /qa/

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Welcome to /qa/ - Question & Answer.

This is a board for the discussion of meta topics and … other things.
Outside of meta, this board has no specific theme and you are free to be yourself! Please note all global rules are in-force here.

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my wife chino
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wherez the kpop board
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Korean history thread

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What is the history of foreign nomads invading Korea and enslaving Korean people? How many Koreans were enslaved?
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>*shitty CIA-funded circus music starts playing*
>*shitty boomer guitar solo*
>*shitty ten minute keyboard solo*
>*song ends*

wow, truly the GOAT band. Thank you Jim Morrison for your truly groundbreaking """music"""

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Please welcome 4chan's new administrator.
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Hello everyone, we have decided that with the constitution finished, it's time to recruit some more moderators to help us administrate leftypol.org! This could be your chance to have input into the site's future, or just to help us to clean up the worst of the spam. We are valuing both new and old perspectives on how things should change in the future, and that could be you.

I would like to briefly outline two conditions which we do have, so I will lay them out front to save time.

Firstly, any new moderators must agree to create a Matrix account and use it to communicate with the other moderators and to build a consensus about our actions.

Secondly, any new moderators must read the new constitution and manifesto documents, and agree to act as moderators according to their provisions. You may of course disagree with some of the finer points, and the constitution is always subject to improvement, but overall, we expect you to govern according to the letter and spirit of the document, as we do ourselves.

It is important to note, for those who are not aware, that /leftypol/ is run democratically by the council of moderators, with no special status or hierarchy. You will be joining this group and will have the right to vote on our future course, but you must also be prepared to come to compromises and to act according to the will of the majority even if you may disagree with it. With that said, let me outline how you should go about applying if you still wish to do so.

Please post in this topic with the IP which you use most often to post on and browse /leftypol/. If you use multiple devices/IPs, then please post with all of them in this topic, including your 'unique phrase' in each post. Once you have done this, please write an application in a notepad or your email client and send it to [email protected]
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ITT: post pics that represent /qa/ in a nutshell.
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Bass'd Ben does it again
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Is there any actual credibility to that whole “if you hate X it means you actually love it” phenomenon? Because it sounds like a bunch of cherrypicked bullshit.

Assuming it is true, what would that mean for anons that get so assblasted the moment someone says anything bad about lolishit?
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