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What do you think he's like to work for?
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Deathmatch Fanz

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Why are they like this y’all?


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bryan went ahead and deleted the podcast, but fear not, you can listen to it here:
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The 10 Best moments in Raw history chosen by WWE Fans back in 2018

>#1 Stone Cold Steve Austin brings a beer truck to the ring (March 22, 1999)
>#2 CM Punk drops the pipebomb (June 27, 2011)
>#3 Daniel Bryan Occupy Raw (March 10, 2014)
>#4 The debut of Chris Jericho (August 9, 1999)
>#5 The first time Stone Cold Steve Austin gave Vince McMahon the Stunner (September 22, 1997)
>#6 Fans boo Roman Reigns out of the Building after defeating The Undertaker at Wrestlemania (April 3, 2017)
>#7 Seth Rollins turns on his brothers of The Shield (June 2, 2014)
>#8 Women main event Raw for the first time as Trish Stratus took on Lita (December 6, 2004)
>#9 Mankind wins the WWE Championship for the first time (January 4, 1999)
>#10 John Cena comes to Raw as the #1 draft pick (June 6, 2005)

Here was WWE's list chosen by WWE themselvews without any input from fans, this time specifically limited to the Attitude Era
>#1 Triple H & Shawn Michaels Form D-Generation X: Raw, Oct. 13, 1997
>#2 Stone Cold confronts Mike Tyson Raw, Jan. 19, 1998
>#3 Bret Hart snaps: Raw, March 17, 1997
>#4 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's first Stunner to Mr. McMahon: Raw, Sept. 22, 1997
>#5 Triple H & D-Generation X invade WCW Monday Nitro: Raw, April 27, 1998
>#6 Triple H marries Stephanie McMahon:Raw, Nov. 29, 1999; Armageddon 1999 & Raw, Dec. 13, 1999
>#7 Mick Foley wins his first WWE Championship: Jan. 4, 1999
>#8 Triple H reforms D-Generation X: Raw, March 30, 1998
>#9 The debut of Chris Jericho: Raw, Aug. 9, 1999
>#10 "This Is Your Life": Raw, Sep. 27, 1999
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So now both parties are dead and the dust has settled, who was in the wrong here?
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henlo /asp/?
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gif and webm thread
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/ddm/ Donna del Mondo General

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previous thread: >>1137199

*Cinderella Tournament results*
- Maika def. Giulia
- Himeka def. Mayu
- Unagi def. Syuri
- Saya K. def. Starlight Kid
2 DDMs reached the final 4!
Syuri made her pro wrestling debut 13 years ago.
Mayodarts attended the 5/14 show and snagged herself a cheki.
There is a new Godzilla Energy drink with 5% more caffeine than Red Bull. Which of the DDMs will be first to harness the awesome power of this mighty purple beverage?


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