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>s-sorry Dwayne please hire me
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If you think about it, E-drone is the perfect insult for AEW fans

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First of all, “E” is the letter that best represents AEW. It’s the highlighted letter in the logo and their thing is calling themselves “elite” so it makes sense to use E as the letter to represent AEW fans. Secondly, AEW fans are the biggest corporate drones out there. They spend their time online passionately defending their show on wrestling boards and will get mad at you if you so much as make a joke about it. Some of them will even try to dox you and your family over harmless jokes like with that AEW botches guy. Is that not the most “drone” like thing you can do? AEW fans defend their favorite wrestling company like it’s their religion so they’re the real E-drones.
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Who are they? More WWE rejects?
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It's Hispanic Heritage Month. Who's your favorite Latinx wrestler?
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/AZM/ High Speed Genius Edition

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Post all things Azumi here! and no, it's not pronounced Ay-Zee-Em!!
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/cf/ CyberFight General

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>gives you an insulting nickname
How do you survive?
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How much do you think Swole is seething that Kiera Hogan & Red Velvet get TV time over her? She hasn't been on TV in a year.
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