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Welcome to /pol/ - Politically Incorrect

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Men dropping out of society at a young age

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As a male, I cannot think of any instance or time in my life where any person has given me any genuine care, attention or consideration.

Teachers? Treated like i'm mildly annoying and a door-stopper between them and their time off.

Parents? Put all their resources, time, guidance and energy into raising my sister. My mother and sister is all me, me, me giving orders to others in a position of comfort.

Partners? Only told me what their ideal world is, what they wanted out of life and I was to be there to support them and any showing of not agreeing gets me pushed aside.

I could go on but I dont want to write a blog.

Never felt so isolated and jaded till now.
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Supposedly a Carbon, Aluminum, Bromine based LIFEFORM which is so far unidentifiable, is in a significant % of the vaccines.

>Activates apparently in graphene, or contact with graphene

Literally how the FUCK would this even be possible as some natural background "Parasitic" Micro-Organism on EARTH? Answer: It would not be.

Also, roughly 20% of vaxes the Polish Scientist tested were straight up SALENE. (Salt Water)

What the FUCK Anons? How do we get more people on this??
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Alla Perkova, 38, from Ukraine is a hair model who hasn't cut her hair in 30 years
Her hair hasn't grown in five years but she reveals the quality has only improved
She washes her hair every two days for 10 minutes and dries it for half an hour
Alla's attributes her hair to good genetics and excellent health from her mother


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Holy shit /pol/

French cinema is a hell of a drug. First off French films are pure commie propaganda and always were (I am talking about 50s-80s mostly). The amount of pro-racemixing messaging in French films, even ones from the 1950s is monumental. French natives being themselves is, if ever shown at all, always mercilessly mocked.

Almost none of the directors are actually French. The actors are rarely all French. Many are Jewish, but just as many are gentiles from Eastern Europe, Armenia, Italy, even Spain.Most of the messaging comes down to: "Don't have sexual morals. Don't have patriotism. Don't have pride (especially in France). Just fuck around and merge all races into one. Just be a commie dicksucker."

France has been extremely fucked for much longer than we realize, bros.
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Why are white people like this?
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When Did You Know You Would Never Take the Clot Shot?

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Memes and videos that convinced you...
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>Kellogg's Puts Out Ad for Strike Replacement Workers 'to Cross the Picket Line'
>The Kellogg company has posted a job advert seeking temporary workers to replace those currently on strike at the company's cereal production plants across the country.
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Reminder that jews hate you and don't want you to be happy.
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