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is it just me or did the 1DX Mark III just sort of disappear into irrelevance?
there was a little bit of hype around the time of its release but nobody talked about it after about a month and it's now been a year since it came out
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Are japanese used lens sellers on ebay reliable?
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/DST/ Digishit Thread

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ITT, you post pictures taken with shitty digicams.

Everything still matters like composition and lighting, but you have to use the shittiest digital compact you have, bonus points if you don't have to resize to get under 1000px longest side. Digital artifacts are not only welcomed, they are encouraged. OP picture has two dead pixels.

All gear discussion ITT should be about finding the shittiest gear and shooting with it.
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The place I work at has a two devices plan for Adobe, but we have 3 computers. I have to use the internet for other programs, so I can't be offline. Is there a way to be online but block the program from going online? It would be fine if I had to go online every other day but logging in 15+ times a day is a pain in the ass, and momentarily we can't afford more accounts. Basically only one computer is using a program but we all have to be signed in. I tried to block outgoing traffic in the firewall but it's not working. Is there a hack for this?
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Fuji Appreciation General /FAG/ #5

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good camera hygiene edition

previous thread >>3846554
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How long to wait between buying camera bodies? 5 years?
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street photography

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>walk through the city for a couple hours
>feel really weird holding a camera
>glance around in different directions and around corners for compositions
>probably look like a super sketchy piece of shit
>feel nervous and guilty and shitty for 2 hours straight
>miss a few obvious opportunities because it feels like you're a fucking faggot
>take a roll of completely useless photos of nothing because they were easy to get
>go home and feel like shit
>consider exposing the roll to the sun to avoid having to look at it later
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Which film camera is the most based? Protip: it's the Konica c35 EF
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Need some advice, been shooting with my Nikon F mount camera for a while, I was thinking of buying more glass for it, some telephoto stuff.

I got to try a Canon R6/5 this week and I was very impressed, 70-200 2.8 was very nice. The usability and ergos were also very good, more so than the Nikon mirrorless, disappointing considering I'm a Nikon guy.

Do I keep buying F mount glass or save for a RF camera with glass? what do /p/?
I was looking to do some wildlife stuff and birding, I'm using a D500 Currently.