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Who is the most overrated photographer? My vote goes to Gregory Crewdson.
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Recent photo thread
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monochrome sensors

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What are the real advantages of monochrome conversions and sensors? I looked into them a little, and I honestly can't find any sharpness advantage that leica claims is there.
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Why do film photos look so good even though they are not sharp and highly detailed like digital photos?
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/fag/ Fuji Appreciation General

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Drive My Car edition

Previous: >>3975948
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>Shooting tungsten film stock on daylight

Based or cringe?
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Hey /p/hags, I know you only worth talking to about gear, so here’s gear question:
I work at the arts museum, shooting paintings, sculptures, reportsge for openings and stuff like that.
We don’t have too big of a budget to afford a medium or large format cameras, but we’re recently upgraded to Canon 5DS R body for maximum resolution with 100L lens for macro and 24-70L for general purpose.
Now my superiors are bitching to me about buying a second camera so me and my coworker could work simultaneously in the studio and in the “field”.
For me it just means that I get to have a camera to take home and shoot my own stuff, but I do need it to have all the same capacities.

So it’s probably going to be a second 5DS R for color correction compatibilty, but is there any viable alternatives?
Especially, is there any alternatives in terms of lenses worth looking into? Another set of 100 L prime and 24-70L combined might go overboard for budget. Like I would totally buy 50/1.2L for this to “replace” both, but it’s minimal focusing distance is less than desired, and Zeiss’ alternatives are manual-focused only, so reportage is out of the options for that one.


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recent pic thread
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/gear/ thread

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Laowa 24 mm f/14 2x Macro Probe edition

Old thread >>3979730
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