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>mfw two weekends in a row with no new oh-hi.info uploads
I hope the coof didn't get /ourguy/
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Golden Ratio Pseudoscience in Composition

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I'm currently learning about composition, and a lot of this stuff seems pseudoscientific. Is there any proof that the golden ratio being present somewhere in a picture actually has a psychological effect?
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>See some chads doing awesome street photography online
>Go for a walk for one hour with my film camera
>Take one picture
>Go home

Am I the only retard struggling at this ? Or is street photography a huge meme ?
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/gear/ - Gear Thread

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>Leica in a Leica edition

Old: >>3796593

>All discussion and questions related to gear should take place in this exact thread.
>Redirect other gear-related threads to this thread.
>Remember to be polite.
>This is the thread in which you can be a gearfag.
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Instagram rate thread! Have these things been banned or why isn't there one in the catalog?

Anyway, to kick off the thread, I propose we do things a little differently:
Each anon not only rates the others' profiles, but also recommends one indoor shooting idea and one for outdoor, based on the shooter's style.

Don't be a willy - If you want feedback, you need to provide 3 positives and 3 negatives about profiles previously posted. I'll follow this rule as soon as there's replies.

Bear in mind: if you use IG for anything else other than networking and having an easily accessible (albeit compressed to shit) portfolio, you're ngmi. Most of the mainstream instagram aesthetic is for vapid teens with self-image problems and McKinnon-type influencers that want to sell you their presets meant for overcooking. I'd be more than willing to be proven otherwise tho, share profiles you like as well, if you've got any.
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Got a film scan with a terrible light leak, gave editing it a go and looking for opinions, its quite difficult not to end up oversaturating it if I want to bring some of its colours out.

This is about as good as I can get, any advice?

It was shot on Porta 400

Photography for Side Income NEET

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I'm a neet. I've been told on /b/ that I could make some money on the side through photography. The reason why I'm unemployed is very complicated, so I'm not going to get into it. I can't work any normal 9-5 jobs.

I've taken this suggestion seriously, and I've spend hours watching videos and reading about photography and composition. I'm considering getting good at model photography. It would help me with my income, and according to that anon on /b/, I'd be able to have sex with some of the women who model for me.

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What camera do I need if want to record my pet running and playing around at a maximum 10 ft away?

Film General Thread - /fgt/

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>3 Dimensional Printing Edition

This is the Film General Thread.
It's ok to post film gear questions in this thread.
It is better to post your film photos in this thread

Film Community Links:

Have you made a DIY camera? How do you feel about new 3D printed ones as an alternative to older bodies?

Old Thread
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