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This is what happens when /out/ goes out

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Two minors were reportedly hiking off-trail in Green Canyon Monday and used a large knife to cut through the brush. At one point, they lost the knife. While trying to find it, the minors slid down a hill on their backsides.

The Cache County Sheriff's Office reports one of the minors slid onto the knife, causing significant injuries.
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that's fucking outrageous
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well /out/?
you're not just a bunch of gearfags, are you?
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Desert /out/

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Since everything here seems to be about the woods or other similar environments, I thought I would start a thread on desert /out/ings. Just got back from a solo backpacking trip in the Superstitions in Arizona. Anyone got protips or advice that I should be aware of, or any other great places to backpack in AZ? Or just share desert pictures.
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Aside from walking, what is the most based method for exploring the outdoors?

For me, it's the motorcycle.
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/out/ Hygiene

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This thread is for all things related to personal hygiene while /out/.
What is necessary in your dopp kit?
What isn't?

Do you have lower standards of hygiene while /out/?
Do you enjoy bathing in ice-cold streams, or do sponge baths with heated water?
Babby wipe babby or handkerchief Chad?
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Best pants for hiking?

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I've been looking at military surplus cause it's cheap and looks reliable but not really sure
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Camping Disasters

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ITT - we talk about your worst camping disasters and accidents, and provide advice for others to not do the same.
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