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>under 25k brand new
>add a few grand for 4x4
>330hp with just a tune
>potential for 400hp with a new turbo
Wait are these things actually really awesome and I just wasn't paying attention? I dismissed them immediately when I saw how ugly they were but damn. That's a pretty sick deal on paper. Like a mustang with back doors and a bed. I could definitely see this being fun with a lowering kit and some street tires.
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Kino touge / mountain car shots

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Doing a photoshoot tomorrow. Does /o/ have any nice shots either taken in motion, or portraits of the car or car plus driver in their folders?
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Forester 2.5i Vs outback 3.0 R first car?

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Buying first car. Not sure which to get, both would be 2003-2005 models.

Opinions? Don't really care about hooning, would like to drive into mountains etc
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>always wanted a muscle car
>grow up poorfag
>can finally afford one while maintaining fiscal responsibility
>even high end cars get smoked by an entry level tesla
what's the point anymore
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VW Jetta

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Trying to buy a nice looking commuter car within my price range (15-20k) and this seems to be the one. Am I wrong for not wanting something else?
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150+ IQ vehicles
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/dbt/ - daily bike thread

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normal edition

>normal people posting about bikes and not being delusional

Useful stuff:

Twist of the Wrist II by Keith Code: [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]



Previous thread:>>23639836
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Is there anything more terrifying than letting a girl drive your car?
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/ccg/ Classic Car General - Wednesday Bump Limit Edition!

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Classic Car General - /CCG/

If you have to ask, you don't belong edition

>For vehicles built in 1985 or older*
>Cars are considered "classic" at 25 years old, but a vehicle really needs that certain something to be classic.
>Everybody has their own taste, but some tastes are wrong. If you aren't sure if your car is classic or not, it's not.
>US, Euro, Jap, or whatever.
>HOWEVER, your Honda Miata doesn't count. 80s+ Hondas are better suited for their own generals as well. Everything else is fair game.
>Post your classic, your work on it, your hackery, and get advice.
>Any and all discussion about classics welcome, but may not necessarily generate responses; don't get butthurt.
>Period correct performance > cosmetics.
>Metal > plastic.
>Classic shitbox > modern shitbox.
>JBweld and RTV can fix anything
>If you see rust there is more.
>Rust and bodywork are the most difficult thing to repair.
>Electrical work is difficult until you stop reading forum posts and buy a multimeter.
>Low oil pressure? Worn mains and rod bearings. Use lucas and 15W40 until you afford a rebuild.
>Do NOT buy a classic and plan to pay someone to work on it. You need to be able to do 90% or more of the work or you will go broke.
>You will spend twice your budget, unless you have years of experience. If the salty old hands agree, it's true.
>Nothing is as easy as it seems
>Post car or GTFO
>No cavilers.
>*Exceptions made for vehicles made after 1985 within the same generation/body style as their 1985 counterpart.
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N/o/rcal 2/26 Meet: B cyмepкaх edition

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When: this Friday, the 26th, at 9:50pm
Where: in, behind, to the side of, anywhere around the 76 gas station in Saratoga, just look for the shitboxes
Why: i do what i want
10pm is too late: lmao traffic tho retard

Look, we gonna get some sips from 76, go up 9, turn right onto 35, stop at Alice's to regroup, then go down 84 to the beach.
If you are directionally challenged, there's the maps keywords in the pic.
There's roadwork on 9 apparently but it isn't a big deal.

Bring any car or motorbike, no one cares.
Bring a coat because it gets cold at the beach.
Someone better bring a beach ball too.
Consider bringing a frs radio so when you bin it we can laugh at you more
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