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>4 cylinders per valve
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What is the bare minimum amount of HP you'll accept in a daily driver?
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What are your thoughts on Mustangs? are they reliable? a good buy? Looking to buy a GT newer model (2018-2020 model)
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/org/ - Offroad General - Rooftop Tents Are Meme Edition

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Bench racing your 4x4
Dutchangle your 4x4
LARPing about your dream 4x4
American offroaders r gud
Jap offroaders r gud
European 4x4 are built posh poofters
Post your build skills. We need a second fab poster.
Snow is here and why you should buy a set of Open Countrys.
Yeah 37s FIT on the Wrangler but..
Bikefrens welcome if you behave.

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Why do you hate blinkers as much as you love Nissan Alitmas?

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So I've moved from Freiburg Baden-Württemberg to Helena Alabama, and to me the biggest culture shock are the drivers. I have no experience with African-Americans until now, but I've been observing for months and noticed that I haven't seen a single one that uses blinker changing lane and that they seem to love Nissans!

Honest question for AA here, why no blinker? Is it a cultural thing, intentional antisocial, don't want to play by rules rebel thing, or just too lazy to bother?
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post great drivers
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I have a 1996 gmc sierra 1500 that I want to put some anchoring points in the bed of to tie down my oxygen / acetylene tanks so they aren't riding shotgun with me. Any reccomendations / where to read about this shit? Really don't want to shell out several hundred for some prefab bullshit stand.

Post your car that you really love

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I fucking love my car, share yours with me
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post schizo craigslist ads

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this one has been trying to sell this pos starion for at least 5 years and every year the post gets more and more schizo
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