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Church membership in the U.S. has fallen below the majority for the first time in nearly a century

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The proportion of Americans who consider themselves members of a church, synagogue or mosque has dropped below 50 percent, according to a poll from Gallup released Monday. It is the first time that has happened since Gallup first asked the question in 1937, when church membership was 73 percent.

In recent years, research data has shown a seismic shift in the U.S. population away from religious institutions and toward general disaffiliation, a trend that analysts say could have major implications for politics, business and how Americans group themselves. In 2020, 47 percent of Americans said they belonged to a church, synagogue or mosque. The polling firm also found that the number of people who said religion was very important to them has fallen to 48 percent, a new low point in the polling since 2000.

For some Americans, religious membership is seen as a relic of an older generation, said Ryan Burge, an assistant professor of political science at Eastern Illinois University and a pastor in the American Baptist Church. Gallup’s data finds that church membership is strongly correlated with age: 66 percent of American adults born before 1946 belong to a church, compared with 58 percent of baby boomers, 50 percent of Generation X and 36 percent of millennials.

Burge said many Christians still attend church but do not consider membership to be important, especially those who attend nondenominational churches. But no matter how researchers measure people’s faith — such as attendance, giving, self-identification — Americans’ attachment to institutional religion is on the decline.
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NASA's Artemis program will land the first person of color on the moon

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no more pronoun crap

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"Federal appeals court rules in favor of Ohio professor who refused to use transgender student's pronouns"
"A federal appeals court ruled on Friday that an Ohio professor can sue a university for violating his constitutional rights [First Amendment rights of free speech and religion and his 14th Amendment right to due process ] after he was disciplined for refusing to use the pronouns of a transgender student."
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Divider in Chief Biden to unveil anti gun royal decrees tomorrow

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Looks like billets of aluminum and pipes are going to be banned via royal decree. Good news is this means there is little movement in the senate for gun control outside of trying to hide bullshit in the infrastructure bill like they did with the covid one, but they are limited to just spending and not actual laws in reconciliation. I don't think the dems have 50 votes in the senate for anything the house has passed, let alone 60. Dems also are trying to push a house bill that would ban online ammo sales and contact the feds if you buy 1,000 rounds of ammo, which in 2019 was like $20 worth of .22lr
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Corporations and Conservative Defeat Bid by American Workers to Unionize Amazon Warehouse

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40 years of constantly villainizing and destroying Unions would lead to people thinking slave labor is a better option.


Workers at an Amazon warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama handed the online retail giant a decisive victory when they voted against forming a union and cut off a path that labor activists had hoped would lead to similar efforts throughout the company and beyond.

After months of aggressive campaigning from both sides, 1,798 warehouse workers ultimately rejected the union while 738 voted in favor of it, according to the National Labor Relations Board, which is overseeing the process.

Of the 3,117 votes cast, 76 were voided for being filled out incorrectly and 505 were contested by either Amazon or the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, which led the organizing efforts in Bessemer. But the NLRB said the contested votes were not enough to sway the outcome. About 53% of the nearly 6,000 workers cast their ballots.

The union said it would file an objection with the NLRB charging the company with illegally interfering with the union vote. It will seek a hearing with the labor board to determine if the results “should be set aside” after it accused Amazon of spreading disinformation about the unionization effort at meetings that workers were required to attend.

“Amazon has left no stone unturned in its efforts to gaslight its own employees. We won’t let Amazon’s lies, deception and illegal activities go unchallenged,” said Stuart Appelbaum, the president of the RWDSU.

Amazon said in a statement that it didn’t intimidate employees.
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Biden unveils commission to study possible expansion of Supreme Court

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President Biden created a bipartisan commission Friday to study structural changes to the Supreme Court, giving the group 180 days to produce a report on a range of thorny topics including court expansion and term limits.

The commission, composed of 36 legal scholars, former federal judges and practicing lawyers, fulfills Biden’s campaign promise to establish such a group after activists pushed him to back expanding the court following Republicans’ rush to confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett shortly before last year’s election. Biden has said he is “not a fan” of adding seats to the Supreme Court, but he has declined to say whether he supports any other changes to its structure.

The commission, however, is likely to disappoint liberals who are looking for quick action to blunt the court’s conservative majority, while giving the president cover to avoid wading into the contentious debate. The members are not tasked with giving Biden specific recommendations but rather providing an analysis of a range of proposed changes to the court. The executive order establishing the commission mandates that the group hold public meetings and take input from a range of stakeholders, with the report expected in October.
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Divider in chief names Waco killer as head of ATF

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He was part of the group that murdered 82 people, including 25 kids, and caused the death of 4 feds because the people were part of a weird sex cult and some dude might have been fucking a 14 year old he was polygamy married to. No helicopters crashed as a result of small arms fire at waco and no one on said helicopters were injured or died (even though the helicopters had people in them firing at the compound)
Biden did some other toothless EOs. Make sure to contact Tester, Sinema, and Mancine/your senator. This piece of shit might not even have 50 democrats to support him
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California Dems want Sin Tax on human right

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Spotfy cancels Joe Rogan

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Another now-missing episode of “Joe Rogan” spotted by DMN is episode No. 149, which featured several comedians, including Al Madrigal, Brian Redban and Felicia Michaels. That episode, which was recorded live at The Ice House in Pasadena, Calif., debuted in 2011. Again, it’s unclear why the episode has been pulled.

Reps for Spotify did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment on why the episodes were removed.

The two latest removals brings the total number of episodes pulled from Rogan’s archives to 42. For reference, he just released episode No. 1,631 on Thursday. Other installments that have been deleted include four episodes featuring comedian Chris D’Elia, who was recently accused of having sex with and soliciting more than 100 nude photos from a 17-year-old girl, as well as episodes with Gavin McInnes, Eddie Bravo, Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos.