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Stealing the network cable

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Four Romanians left three cities in Spain without internet and telephony after stealing the network cable.

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Trump knew rioters would storm the capital.

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I’m just speculating here so don’t go clinging to this like it’s a thing. But I find it interesting that the groups who infiltrated the capital building were too few in number to take it and hold it. Operationally, it would have failed and the individuals driving the attack would have been repelled. In order to be successful they would need aid and cover from thousands more which Trump and co. delivered to them.

Anyway that’s the theory. So we have remarks by Ali Alexander who is one of the planners of the “Stop the Steal” movement basically admitting that violence was to be expected if Pence didn’t do what they wanted him to do. According to him; he planned it with three other congressmen who spoke at the rally. They of course are denying that the even know who Alexander is in a very blanket fashion. Maybe; maybe not but interestingly enough he said they would 1776 the capital building, so I would think that representative Boeber’s tweets during the affair are highly suspect since the date is used commonly among them to insinuate overthrowing the government which I think is clearly their intent. We’re they all conspiring together in this and could it go all the way up to Trump? Idk, but I don’t think we’ve learned everything there is to know about this event. Thoughts?

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Americans live in fear now that mass fraud election official

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Freedom fighters try to kill pence, pelosi

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This is the most democracy you're ever going to have experienced


The mob that rampaged through the Capitol on 6 January wanted to kill vice president Mike Pence and House speaker Nancy Pelosi, said Democratic Congressman, Jamie Raskin, as he elaborated on the level of the threat faced by lawmakers during the siege.

The rioters “came within a hair’s breadth of hanging vice president Pence,” Mr Raskin told CNN. “I mean, the words are still ringing in the ears of the members — ‘hang Mike Pence’."

“There was an assassination party hunting for Nancy Pelosi,” he said, as he emphasised on why the impeachment of outgoing president Donald Trump was not “at the level of a normal partisan push and pull." “This was an attack on our country."

The Congressman who is going to lead the prosecution of Mr Trump, also spoke about the death of his 25-year-old son. “I am not going to lose my son at the end of 2020 and lose my country in 2021," Mr Raskin told host, Jake Tapper. Mr Raskin’s son, Tommy, died by suicide after battling depression for years on New Years Eve.

Biden to propose overhaul of immigration laws on first day in office

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>President-elect Joe Biden will roll out a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s immigration laws the day he is inaugurated, including an eight-year pathway to citizenship for immigrants without legal status and an expansion of refugee admissions, along with an enforcement plan that deploys technology to patrol the border.

>Biden’s legislative proposal, which will be sent to Congress on Wednesday, also includes a heavy focus on addressing the root causes of migration from Central America, a key part of Biden’s foreign policy portfolio when he served as vice president.

>The centerpiece of the plan from Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala D. Harris is the eight-year pathway, which would put millions of qualifying immigrants in a temporary status for five years and then grant them a green card once they meet certain requirements such as a background check and payment of taxes. They would be able to apply for citizenship three years later.

>Biden’s bill will have three overarching pillars, the transition officials said: provisions to address the causes of migration, border management and a path to citizenship.


Biden is going to propose the most sweeping and progressive immigration bill in the last 50+ years. Basically, people like those with DACA and other temporary protected statuses will have a path to citizenship within years.

How do you all feel about this?

I have one friend in particular who has DACA, isn't hispanic or has any criminal background, has a STEM bachelor's and has been here since he's been a month old. I know he feels happy as shit about this.

But you guys on the other hand....
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Massive Butthurt at DoJ

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>mfw capslock
“My position on the disgraced former Mayor of Detroit has not changed. Kwame Kilpatrick has earned every day he served in federal prison for the horrible crimes he committed against the People of Detroit. He is a notorious and unrepentant criminal. He remains convicted of 24 felonies. Kilpatrick has served only one quarter of the sentence that was very appropriately imposed. Thankfully, under Michigan law, he cannot hold state or local public office for 20 years after his conviction.”

NY State Comptroller Srinivas Kancha Caught in Embezzlement Scheme

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>Former State Employee Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud & Facing 20 Years in Prison

ALBANY, NEW YORK – Srinivas Kancha, age 52, of Selkirk, New York, was charged today with conspiring to defraud his former employer, the Office of the New York State Comptroller (OSC).

The announcement was made by Acting United States Attorney Antoinette T. Bacon; New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli; and Kevin Kelly, Special Agent in Charge of the Buffalo Field Office of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).

A criminal complaint alleges that between 2015 and 2017, while employed at OSC, Kancha conspired with the owner of a company (identified in the complaint as “Company-P”) to fraudulently obtain money by hiring computer programmers from Company-P to work on a project Kancha managed for OSC in exchange for a kickback from Company-P. The charges in the complaint are merely accusations. The defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

In January 2015, according to the complaint, OSC entered into a contract with a consortium of three companies to identify and hire computer programmers for a project. When OSC needed to hire a programmer, it sent a request form to one of the three companies. Each company then submitted a purportedly qualified applicant. Frequently, the applicants were employed by subcontractors, including Company-P. From January 2015 through October 2016, OSC hired 17 programmers for the project at hourly rates ranging from $80 to $120. In late 2016, OSC learned that many of the programmers’ references and work histories were not legitimate, including those hired from Company-P, and launched an internal investigation.

FBI makes possibly false claims of a 50 state armed Trump protest

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Starting this week and running through at least Inauguration Day, armed protests are being planned at all 50 state capitols and at the U.S. Capitol, according to an internal FBI bulletin obtained by ABC News.

The FBI has also received information in recent days on a group calling for “storming” state, local and federal government courthouses and administrative buildings in the event President Donald Trump is removed from office prior to Inauguration Day. The group is also planning to “storm” government offices in every state the day President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated, regardless of whether the states certified electoral votes for Biden or Trump.

However, there is one major problem: None of the rightwing messageboards, /pol/ included, were aware of this supposed mass 50 state protest that they are supposedly members of, leading the administration of the .win network to suspect a possible mass false-flag attack or at the very least suggest that the FBI may have been tipped off with false information.

posted 5 hours ago by Doggos [M] +4715 / -1 stickied

As we know, there have been a lot of media hit pieces recently, suggesting that our site is being used to plan "armed protests", "insurrections", etc.

I will say, personally - I had never heard about this Twitter HQ protest until the media started pumping articles out about it... and only one person attended, and they likely learned about it from the media... so that was clearly a hoax.
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MIT Mechanical Engineering Department Head Indicted for $29million Fraud

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>Dr. Gang Chen Indicted on Charges Relating to Grant Fraud, Facing up to 50 Years in Prison
BOSTON – A professor and researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was indicted yesterday by a federal grand jury in connection with failing to disclose contracts, appointments and awards from various entities in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Gang Chen, 56, was indicted on two counts of wire fraud, one count of failing to file a foreign bank account report (FBAR) and one count of making a false statement in a tax return. Chen was charged by criminal complaint and arrested on Jan. 14, 2021.

According to charging documents, Chen is a naturalized U.S. citizen who was born in China. He is a professor and researcher at MIT where he serves as Director of the MIT Pappalardo Micro/Nano Engineering Laboratory and Director of the Solid-State Solar Thermal Energy Conversion Center (S3TEC). Since approximately 2013, Chen’s research at MIT has been funded by nearly $19 million in grants awarded by various U.S. federal agencies.

Since 2012, Chen has allegedly held various appointments with the PRC designed to promote the PRC’s technological and scientific development by providing advice and expertise – sometimes directly to PRC government officials – and often in exchange for financial compensation. This includes acting as an “overseas expert” for the PRC government at the request of the PRC Consulate Office in New York and serving as a member of at least two PRC Talent Programs. Since 2013, Chen allegedly received approximately $29 million of foreign funding, including $19 million from the PRC’s Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech).
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