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"cancelled" projects
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Zullen we gaan?
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Why would anyone prefer public transport to private?
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When she asks if I use protection when I ride. (pic related)

What does /n/ do for protection against flat tires?
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vintage bikes

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do you guys like older bikes? please post them, talk about them.
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I always found tyre treads incredibly fascinating. I'm not autistic, I just find certain things aesthetically pleasing.
Anyway post your favourite, most interesting, strangest etc tire treads.
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/BQG/ - Bike Question General

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>Cyclists bad
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utilitary bikes

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post cute utilitarian bikes that you like, no restrictions.

pic related was a French La Poste delivery bike. people who work with these have the priority to buying it when it is decommissioned.

i only saw one person irl biking with a La Poste bike while not working for them.

Fuck your Gravel. I'll make my own!

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Hey. I'm tired of the overpriced Gravel/CX market. So I wanna put drop-bars and STI shifters on my MTB.

I figure I can make an objectively better bike by adding drop-bars and STI shifters to a MTB, instead of trying to add knobby wheels to a roadbike.

My rear deurallier is as Shimano Deore M5120 (10 Speed). What STI shifters would be compatible?
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