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Post Airline livery you like.
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Hyperloop traffic jam

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lol. lmao
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/BBG/ - Bike Buying General

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Are we still doing these?
If you have a specific bike, post a picture of it.
If you're looking for recommendations, post your craigslist, height, weight, and what kind of riding you plan on doing

Old Thread: >>1744885
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New York Times proposes this expansion of Manhattan

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I miss this nigga like you wouldn't believe
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just the Hughes H1, the sexiest aircraft of all time coming through
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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Post bike questions. Post photos of your issues

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Commieblock general

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Since this is the urban planning board right? but what would be a house without a road.
lets have a Thread about nice blocks which are our only alternative to suburbs as far as you can see.
But we do not want pods where you cant see the sunrise and only sleep there in the night.

A example is Alterlaa in Viena not commie but great architecture. so ill post pictures.
feel free to ad more and discuss.
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Anyone here skate around? I was curious about getting a board and riding between the places I walk/cruising on the weekends, there aren't any threads on skateboarding I can see ?
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The perfect human settlement

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What's your idea of the ideal town/city/village and what's a close actual example?

For me, it's
>fewer than 5k residents. Fewer than 1k is even better
>walkable to town center from single family houses
>dedicated bike trails
>nearby hiking trails
>not a suburb or commuter village
>contains necessities (doctor, grocer, pub, restaurant)
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