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Folding bike thread?

Folding bikes are the ultimate "i don't give a fuck about going fast and I want to not ruin my spine" bicycle. We aren't tryhards who need to go 30 MPH while looking like you are bent over taking a shit. We just comfortably cruise around town. Did I mention comfort? Oh, we also don't have to gear up in tight feminine leggings and skin tight shirts either. Damn polyester wearing skeletons!
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So, do you believe electric cars will be a thing on a global scale and replace fossil fuels? I don't think so.
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/mg/ — Maritime General

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We finally have a sticky, edition.

Had to put the document on Google Drive since pastebin is gay and wouldn’t let me post it publicly there.

Most of the credit goes to the other tug guy who wrote most of the guide, I just added the links at the end.
If anyone has anything that needs to be added, or if the eurofags have input for getting foreign jobs please feel free to post, and we can add to the document.
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Elon Musk's Loop is now completed

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Are you thrilled by our "future of transportation"?
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Post your local station

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Post your stop or favorite station you use.
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/RBG/ Retro Bike Genenral - '1996:The beginning of the end' edition

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A thread for all things retro cycling related, share you tired old reliable workhorses, pristine show ponies or timeless thoroughbreds. Anything from before 1996 accepted.
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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General

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/bqg/ - Bike Questions General
Steel is real edition
Last bread: >>1648575

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/BBG/ - Bike Buy General

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Tandem edition


If you want recs on used bikes, post local craigslist & height &budget
Due to bike shortages it's kind of pointless recommending specific new models. If you have options, post em for hot takes.

General advice for new bikes
avoid 7 speed. avoid cheap suspension. avoid alloy/hiten forks.
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Bad decisions edition.
Post, ask and share bike touring and bike packing stuff.
Previous >>1612456
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allez sprint to tarmac sl7

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I have an allez sprint disc 2019. I want to upgrade to this frame

I have ultegra mechanical disc groupset.

is this frame for di2 only? or will i be able to move my parts over to it?

i cant find this info anywhere online
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