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The Tom Brady of tripfags is here.
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How come almost but not every thread made before this archive's creation in January is marked as locked with an IP count of 1 or an otherwise very low, inaccurate number?

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Stupid question, but are you actively developing stuff for this archive?
Would you ever consider implementing:
perceptual image hashing and searching with hamming distances (or something similar) since hash search is too specific, any little thing can change the hash
searchable OCR'd text of images
searchable metadata of webms

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Are there any plans to deal with displaying gigantic threads? For example, this /v/ sticky on the summer games fest boards.4channel.org/v/thread/558988672/ completely fails to display on wakarimasen. The /b4k/ seems to work around this by allowing the option of either chunking/paginating the thread ala hackernews or displaying only the 100 most recent posts.

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Is there a reason the search function seems to be stemming query terms?

If you search cockli the email provider for example it gives results for cock which makes it impossible to use.
There are similar cases for other terms.

How do I fix spam redirects on mobile browser?

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The archive redirects me to spam ads. How do I fix this? Is there a script I can inject to fix this? Can I pay to remove ads?

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why is the search function so shit here? it never returns the results you're looking for