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The search backend for wakarimasen has been reworked.

Historically most Fuuka archives use Sphinx Search to provide searching functionality. As I understand it, most archives have trouble managing Sphinx cost effectively once they start archiving hundreds of millions of posts. In order to explore new to provide search, I looked into Postgres full text search - while it worked there were some problems (1) RAM and Disk usage was higher than I liked (2) there were several complaints about the searching system (>>74, >>66) (3) Limitations in SQL caused pathological performance pitfalls when there were a lot of matches, but the result set needed to be sorted by post date.

This new system based on a new-ish Rust project which is based on a lucene-like search library functions more typically like a search engine. There are several advantages, among them being reduced server usage and increased speed - as well as being able to index and search all posts in the database (even Sphinx is limited to 50,000 posts on most other archives). However this project is pretty new (I came across a couple bugs just trying to get it up and running), and I want to see how well it works for users.

Please post feedback and searches you have made in this thread and any unexpected results. I will unlikely be implementing new features (such as wildcard search), but I want most queries to be handled.

Lastly, thanks for all the individuals who have donated over the past couple weeks. For others, right now, I'm only supporting BTC, ETH and BAT - I will have to figure out how to setup wallets for every other shitcoin under the sun that people want to donate under.

>BTC: 1LQ6723An3ERoRHJC8B3e3eCSrgSRY3oP3
>ETH: 0x13dD4FD1349a676D9e948774dded9e0Dd17C63DD
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download button

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Is it possible to change it so that when you click the little download button it saves the image with the original filename? Other archives such as 4plebs do this.
Here when you click it just opens the image in a separate tab.

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hello sirs can i get /biz/ text archive 2017-2021 i want to build text sentiment analysis sir thanks sir please do the needful

Why is Miyako the favicon of wakarimasen?

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Can I stop being banned for this? I'm just trying to convince /padt/ to talk about OS, AG, DP, BW, XY, SM and PM altogether yet modern /padt/ hates all the past series except for the current one. Then there's some random anon posting about an anime that I downright don't care about which is /ai/ ( which apparently is their tag for all the XY series, which I find bullshit. The only connection I about when it comes to XY and /ai/ is Adamant and the Pokémon performers. There's nothing on the rest of XY that literally implies that. But they'll see. Just wait until one of the modern /padt/ threads is filled with nothing but genwars, then they'll have to accept that all series (OS, AG, DP, BW, XY, SM, PM) are welcome.