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What are /lit/'s thoughts on Caleb Maupin's most influential book?
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Allright niggers I really want to understand Jung I think that it's vital to my personal development.

Where should I start? How should I approach his body of work in a systemic manner?
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Euripides pants? now you gotta pay for em

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What the fuck was his problem.
Ion is an absolutely deranged work. Those people aren't human. Why are there more extant works of his than of Aeschylus and Sophocles? No wonder he got bullied a lot.

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>Covers all of western history from cavemen till 1814 (only because he died)
>Took 40 years to write
>11 volumes
>13549 pages
Has any other author done something on this scale?
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>Death of the author
>there are still authors

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Trying to get through St. Augustines confessions, I'm afraid I'm turning gay. He's such a cuck.

Write What's on your Mind

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Waiting for the Cities to Fade Out Edition

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I feel like a child when mingling with people my age (late 20s).
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What books on Christian Mysticism actually get to the mystic part?

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All these Christian mystic books seems to be so vague. They were just quiet and "contemplative?" I much rather read about the Puritans
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