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I'm an internet addict.
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Here is the ultimate proof that SS is a real identity, which belongs to /lgbt/:
I am SuperStraight, yet I still love apple products. This is an undeniable fact. I always loved apple, since I got me my first iPod nano and power Mac with MacOS 10.4 Tiger.
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Why FtMs are so female-brained? I've just talked with one who unironically believes in male privilege, and that life is easier for the guys. I swear, it's was the last fucking time when I took one of those mentally ill women seriously.
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dimensions of a human

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greetings tttt
i am looking to commission of a statue of myself for my house, think picrel, but me
>the statue will be imposing
>statue to stand on block of around 150x120x120
>dimensions for human tranny will be 200-250 (height) but need to increase width and depth for proportion
>figures in metric duh
>statue will have a single clad piece of cloth over the left shoulder, with one bare breast exposed, and girl penis showing for taste
since you are obsessed with proportion and the correct measurements, i would like to ask for help figuring out dimensions

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Thinking of getting into fisting. Any advice or tips?
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what was wrong about the anime estrogen box?

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like what was it suppost to come in? A fucking bag or something. It's black market estrogen what do you fucking expect? CIssies how about you make it easier to get actual estrogen so trannies don't have to resort to diy

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>my bf called me a turdbrained idiot moron

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>play with female cousins and friends all the time
>stop seeing all of them
>become closed off & depressed

any other mtf?

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Will taking HRT and having my E and T levels in the female range make me stop getting erections when I put on female clothing and think I look cute and feminine?