Yeah I pass, as a total foghat

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Why would *anyone* want to be friends with a stealth trans person?

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Literally, pretty much the worst of both worlds. Unless you're a chaser or other self-hating trans person there's no reason to want to interact with stealth trans people. If you're a trans person who doesn't hate themself, why would you want to interact with someone who thinks your identity is something shameful to be hidden? Why would *anyone* want to be friends with someone whose identity is built around pretending to be cis versus the actual cis person?

The only good reasons I can think of is specifically being attracted to that low self-esteem and internalized transphobia. In other words
>transphobic / self-hating trans people who can't relate to healthy trans people
>"woke" cis allies who want a token trans friend they can feel superior to
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>TIF and I don't get along
>she gets a boyfriend from the same country as me (???)
holy shit obsessed
would be creepy if she was a TIM
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Newfag here. When did /lgbt/ become /tttt/? Should we habe another board for LGB? I'm cis and I really don't give a shit about 95% of the tranny shit I see on here
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how do i fix this as a tranner?

is the anon from this thread here?

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I wasn't able to reply yesterday
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/gayge/ — Gay General: High Elf (Male) Edition

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QOTT: If you were a fantasy creature which would you be? Not based on what you *want* to be but what you are currently most like uwu
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Is it true that bica leads to bigger breasts than spiro?

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>baby troon reddit fag discovers hrt femboys
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