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How sturdy does the table Im mounting my reloader have to be??

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I have a solid wood table with two legs on each side thats a bit low to the ground, it's very stable. In all the videos I've seen it looks like they have some boards screwed into the studs on the wall and then mount the reloader to that. Will the reloader compenstate for a centimeter of table movement or does it have to be immovable? (I just found some vids that aren't from Gavin that look to be mounted to a free floating table, see attached.

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>mfw my team just got btfo
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Special Forces Ariel Insertion

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Will a HALO/HAHO jump work for inserting special forces against a peer or near peer in 2021? Is helicopter the only real way to get forces behind enemy lines by air?
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/ak/ big slavic tiddies.

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Previous thread.
We hit the bump limit like we're supposed to. Last thread let's try that again.
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Canada General - take your meds edition

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New here? Would you like to legally acquire a firearm in Canada?

Want to learn about your legal rights here? Also buy cool gear!

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knives vs. dogs

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I moved to a rural area and there are a lot of loose dogs running around. I like to go jogging but I'm worried about a worst case scenario: Big ass pitbull comes out of nowhere seeing red and goes for the kill. I realize that in close quarters I'm going to get fucked up regardless, but what knife would you recommend in this scenario?
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/arg/ assault rifle 15 general

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No melanin edition
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>It's just two holes on the chamber that push gas against the slide
Why gas delayed blowback is so based yet used so little?
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