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Patch thread

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Trade, create and sell your patches here
>Last thread
>Where can I find [patch]?
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why don't you own at leat 10 Russian bakelite magazines?

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What are you? Some kind of bitch?
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Uhh... Taiwanbros?
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i don't understand making the comparison of NGSW to programs like SPIW, ACR, and OICW.

SPIW was for making a flechette firing rifle. this is retarded. keep the m16.
ACR program is in the 1980s, to replace the m16. you have 2 flechette firing rifles, a caseless gun (retarded), and a 5.56 gun which puts two bullets in the same cartridge. this is retarded, terrible accuracy. keep the m16.

OICW, program to make an airburst grenade launcher. also while we're at it we'll just replace the m16 with some other weapon system.
so you get the XM8, which is still a fucking 5.56 rifle. it's basically a g36. why train soldiers on a new rifle shooting the same fucking bullet? retarded, keep the m16.

NGSW, it's a new fucking bullet. if you could just drop it into the an m4 body, they'd do that.

i mean, surely not everyone is retarded, right? they realize that this is built around an actual specific purpose, to consolidate 7.62x51 and 5.56, to have a single cartridge for both, to simplify supply lines and out perform 5.56 on armor.
it's not shooting flechettes, it's not "5.56 but in a different gun!"
it's akin to searching for the m16, when we were looking to replace the M14.
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Favorite, hated, coolest, idk man
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Hangun General /hg/ #counting-is-for-losers

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There is nothing wrong with the P320 edition

Previously on /hg/: >>50817728
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Yes or no?
And why
QC issues solved?
Help out a 4chan tard
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Times when a firearm saved your ass …
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