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I want a g3

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Still seems pretty damn good do you have one?
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Old: >>47455436
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fuck /k/ my wife wants me to get rid of my guns. do I do it? I mean I dont even have many I have a WASR, a mix matched 556 AR, a p320c and a revolver.
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Gun counter

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Ask a [major firearm retailer] gun counter retard anything

>When is ammo coming back

Soon, we get regular shipments but people keep buying it

>When can I get XYZ gun?

As soon as other retards stop buying it as soon as it comes in

>Stripped lowers?

Gun counter workers are gonna be picking that up for a while

Honestly guys I just wanna talk about guns can we talk about guns???
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H-hello s-sir, can I please get 1,000 rounds of 9mm and 10 boxes of green tip 5.56 ammo?

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Walmart apparently stopped selling it and I want to be ready for what’s coming if they don’t end up reversing the election decision
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What is the best “hunting rifle” that could pull double duty as an “assault rifle”?

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I was hunting the other day and had an thought. What is the best “hunting rifle” that could pull double duty as an “assault rifle”? I’m a gun guy, but not that familiar with guns for Fudds. Closest thing I own to a “hunting rifle” is an M1A. So, here’s the criteria I’m looking for:

No background as a military rifle. Neither originally designed or issued for military or police use.

Must have kino hunting rifle aesthetic.

Must be suitable for big game hunting. So, no small cartridges.

Simi Automatic.

Magazine fed.

Bonus points for compatible with military cartridges, like 308 Winchester.

Bonus points for availability of high capacity magazines.
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War Belts

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Post your war belt. Here's mine. R8 or h8, m8s
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