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Post big fat asses ( or other things) you've created in traditional media for critique
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Please help.
I'm the worst person on this board at perspective.

I went through perspective made easy, and looked at perspective videos on youtube like those by Bradshaw and moderndayjames, I looked at tutorials by krenz, kim jong gi.
I learnt how perspective works.
I learn 1,2, 3 point perspective, i know closer objects are bigger, and further objects are smaller, I know about horizon lines, I know about vanishing points, I know to use overlapping forms to imply forms, I know to use boxes and change body parts in relation to box size, I know to use construction, I know the tricks like how to duplicate a box in perspective, i know about using circles in perspective to find out how far limbs rotate.

Yet every time i try to do perspective it looks like garbage, the forms look, bad, my proportions are all over the place
I don't know what else to do.
I've tried everything I can but I'm still utter garbage.
I desperately need help.
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Is 20 too late?

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I have spent 15-20 being addicted to video games, eating badly, and being a hedonistic and motivation-less loser.

I'm turning my life around academically (putting my effort into my engineering degree), working out a couple times a week, and I'm moving to start back up and draw.

The animation that inspired me to think about drawing again was some of those new funky animes like mushoku tensei and wonder egg priority.

But is age 20, going on 21 this december, too late to start up? I know I'll never be a miyazaki or animator at some japanese studio.

But I don't even know where to take a first step.

Does anyone have some advice or tips for a recovering doomer who wants to make something out of their life before they die?
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Photographic references. Not anatomy or nude references, just some cool shit that looks cool to draw.
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How was this level of detail an quality able to be published weekly without the need of assistants or an inker? Just discovered 2000AD works and it's impressive that they generally had design and draftsmanship skills this good.
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Is Digital Painting Workout with Wouter Tulp worth it?

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As an animator who mostly focuses on drawing, painting was never a priority, but I've recently been interested in learning it as a hobby. I'm looking for an online course to take in my free time after work. How useful is Schoolism's "artist workout" format for someone who is kind of a beginner painter? Would I be better off taking one of their standard courses? I'm aware of most fundamentals and principals when it comes to painting, but I never really practiced them.
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Towergirls Drawthread

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Be sure to also put your art in:

Post-free dice rolling tool:

previous thread: p5214100
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Where can I learn how to paint digitally like this?

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It's like there are zero guides or teachers online who teach this style of digital painting, except maybe Clint Cearley. Please tell me where I gotta go to learn this?
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Oil/gouache painting like brush strokes

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Mastering brush strokes. Are there good books or courses on the topic? At what angle should the stroke be placed? What size should it be? Etc.I am interested in imitation of this technique in CG.
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post proof of not going to make it

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>construction lines
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