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I don't have anything against NFTs, but what the fuck is the point of buying them? At least with a fortnite skin you can show that off to people, but what the fuck are you gonna do with an NFT?


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What would this country look like?

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>masturbated so hard I gave myself carpal tunnel
fucking kill me /ic/
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Post a detail that fascinates you from a drawing from your inspiration folder, the more specific the better

I love how the right buttock on the third figure here conveys the gesture and pressure on the right leg, it does a great job at feeling tense beyond just tilting the hip box, I keep thinking back to it during my work and it drives me to look for opportunities to twist, pinch, compress etc body masses in simple illustrative ways
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What are some good places to post your work at?

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>Also is it worth to post your art?
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Getting started online

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So I've been drawing on and off for a few years now, and am just now getting serious with it. I am used to using traditional tools like sketchbook and pencils/pens, but I'm wondering what's the best way to get my traditional art out there online. Should I get a copier/scanner? Is is even feasible to be a primarily traditional artist trying for exposure these days?

Also, on another note, I actually am curious about getting into digital art. I downloaded Krita and plan on just using my mouse or trackpad until I can afford a tablet. Is this fine for now?

Anyway, thanks in advance
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When will retards stop saying that "tools don't make the art".

No, fuck off.

An average artists or a bad one will outperform a better artists using worse software/tools.

And yes, workflows and even some fundamentals are part of the "tools" (mental tools).
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Looking for an artist to commission a small project.
Anyone have suggestions or can point me to the right place?

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>be me
>present day
>18 year old freshman in Film/animation
>spent years grinding vidya and overall wasting time when I could have been practicing animation or improving my skills
>friends are no help because they still pretty much just play vidya when they're not working
>2 semesters into my freshman year and still haven't taken an animation class yet because of covid campus restriction shit
>Whenever I try and bring up the stuff I'm working on or am trying to build momentum and get good progress with my skills, "Hey Anon, why don't you ever want to play vidya no more?" or "Anon you should take a break"

So badly want to move on campus and meet some like minded people but its discouraging when everyone you talk to has little to no interest in anything other than reddit tier jokes, vidya, and porn.

Any tips or info?
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Bosnia Redesign

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Redesign Bosnia, God.
Contribute if you love.
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