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Can you redesign Bosnias flag to make it perfect?
Because every attempt ever has sucked.

Show us what you got.
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Post your original characters
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trainer-kun, is grayscale to color just a meme or do the best of the best use it?
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This is a Joe Rogan's drawing from his teen days

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How long have you spent doing art? are you as good as he was?
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How much do you practice art?

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How much SHOULD you practice art?
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ITT examples where the pros were caught red handed
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So, you guys know the whole "look, hold, draw" thing? Where you 1. look at the subject, 2. hold it in your mind, and 3. draw. I think it originates from the book "Keys to Drawing" by Bert Dodson. How long should I be looking at my subject during this? Take for instance a jaw line, should I try to hold the entire jawline in my mind and then draw it without looking, or should I be breaking it up with this process? (draw a bit of it, look back at subject, draw a bit, etc.)

Also, should I ever draw without taking my eyes off the subject? Where I am making marks but I'm not looking at them?

This is a weird overthinking kind of question I know but I'm not sure if I'm being efficient and accurate.

Separating "Art" from the "Artist"

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>find a great artwork on my feed
>check the artist out
>profile description contains ACAB BLM pronouns and/or sexuality flag emojis
>feed filled with politics retweets and reaction gifs
I can't

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how do I into atomic
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