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Describe the kind of style you wanna achieve using only 3 pictures.
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The Miniscule Beasts are BACK, baby!

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Nic "Comics" Sequeira has drawn a fresh new meme with the "Miniscule Beasts"!

Back when they were introduced last October, I was really excited. It's great to see them back in action. They really haven't decreased in quality since their initial appearance. What about you? Which Miniscule Beasts meme is your favorite? Does this new one live up to the rest? I think it does.
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What are the proportions of the anime face and how can I learn it?

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I've realized that anime faces don't follow normal proportions of the face and loomis method doesn't work to make anime faces.
What can you do to learn anime facial feats like eyes, nose and mouth?

Inb4 real life study crab
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Why the fuck are there so many Ocs named Luna? How many are there? What do you guys think?
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How similar is martial art to art?
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The general thread for Manga / manga-styled comic-making and Manga-style illustration.

Support each other and talk about your work or the work of others that excites you. Inking, character design, paneling / layout, writing, planning, and other discussions are all welcome.

Post resources, questions, in-progress pages, breakdowns of other works, etc. If a work is not yours, credit the maker (unless it's fucking obvious like a full page of One Piece or something).

Thanks to everyone for making /mmg/ a level-headed and helpful place. Remember, drawing and making comics and manga are difficult endeavors, and we're all in this struggle together.

Previous thread: >>5665890

Some resources:

/asg/, our stylistic sister-thread series >>>/ic/asg

Understanding Comics

Making Comics

Manga in Theory and Practice: The Craft of Creating Manga

Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting

2000AD Script Book

Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga


Habanero Scans:

Full MANBEN Series link:

Urasawa Channel:
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This thread is dedicated to the hot-blooded anons wandering around and starting dog-fights in random threads.
>This thread is mainly dedicated to those who want to fight off whatever arguments/problems they got,in order to avoid thread derails and anons complaining that /ic/ goes to shit because of dog-fights.
Don't lose your teeth around here because jannies won't clean the aftermath.
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Have you ever coomed to your own art?
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Draw Halloween stuff