Chill thread

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I will post sometime in the thread. Here my twitter.
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How are ya feelin, /i/?

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draw it out
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broken rules

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and flawless inconsistency
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Draw Ghosts

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Board-tan thread

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Cute edition

The last one also hit bump limit

Art dump thread

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Doing this thread to post the drawings ive been doing recently, starting with a spooky drawing since we are on october.
Im not an actual artist so dont expect quality here.

Also it its my birthday today!
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The first reply determines whatever happens to this guy as long as it doesn't kill him. After drawing said action the first reply to that will determine what happens to him again. And so on until he gets bored and leaves, or kills himself, or etc.
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130 Palettes

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Roll for a random color palette and then make a drawing based on that palette.

>Do NOT reply with a "roll" because that can get you banned. Just go here (, set the lower limit to 1 and the upper limit to 130, and then click "Generate".
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