welcome to die

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Fuck you.
I'm posting m y art her e
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Art Dump Thread / Shit OC Drawings

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I post my art, and then you post your OCs and all that and I'll draw them ! basically i'm ripping off the other OC art thread, except with an extra layer of self shilling !
Feel free to post your characters here.
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How would you fill a white background like this (not my work unfortunately)? Any decent way to fill it with one or two colors?
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Album Cover Girls

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Draw a girl (or boy, if you prefer) based off your favorite album! Or just any album art you like.
Also, post album covers you like and I or others could draw them also.
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Professorpicke's drawthread

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Draw/Music Thread

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Post art along with music that fits the scene / inspired the art

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Azumanga Daioh

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draw stuff from Azumanga Daioh
Osaka, Tomo, Chiyo-chichi, Kamineko, etc.
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Welcome to the Slave Market

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Do you enjoy submissive women? Well friend, you came to the right place. We have slaves from brand new to barely used, all thoroughly trained!

We have everything, princesses from ruined kingdoms, 2000 years old vampire lolis, sex starved goblinas, even female elven knights, that keep coming through the door saying "It is time to end our evil deeds!" and then being defeated after barely putting a fight (seriously, what is wrong with those bitches).

Obs.: All of our lolis are of legal age, DESPITE THEIR INSISTENCE in telling our clients otherwise.

Just place your order in the thread and we'll get you, your desired lady, as fast as we can!
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roll and draw