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<font size='4'>/hm/ is for sharing porn.</font>

People posting new threads should post several images (6+) to get the thread started. Don't just post one image and expect other people to do the work of making a successful thread.

Hookup, camwhore, and 'rate me' threads should go on /soc/.
Advice threads should go on /adv/. (work-safe).
Discussion of LGBT topics should go on /lgbt/. (work-safe).
Requests for sources, or more images should go on /r/.

Filipino Guys!

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The often overlooked Asians. Post your pics of Filipinos from the Philippines, or my favorite, Filipino-Americans, or Filipinos from anywhere in the world. Most people don't know that Filipino guys have one of the highest circumcision rates in the world. about 98 percent of all Filipinos are cut. But then nearly all Polynesians and Pacific Islanders have an ultra-high circumcision rate.
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Latino men thread

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Post your sexy latinos
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The tighter, the better. No cheap Halloween costumes.
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Pits Thread

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post hot sweaty pits, or pit licking
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Post pictures of Arabs, Desi, or Indians.
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/hm/ Sauce Thread MK CXXVII: Too Lazy to Think of a Title Edition

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Old thread: >>2190969

To stop all the source threads deleting good content, a general source thread is required. /r/ doesn't do gay shit and mods ban/delete individual source threads.

How to obtain your source:
1) Post your picture or description
2) Post what you want (name, company, etc)
3) Post any information you have (where/when the picture is from, etc)
4) Wait for a mars/hm/allow to help you and then say thanks.

Together we can stop the 404ing of good porn.

Please use Google image search (and common sense) before posting in this thread.

There is also a gay porn encyclopedia which can be found here:
It has a huge library of many different actors, studios, films and other information which you may find helpful.

Finally, please do not reply to users who ask for a source by creating their own thread. This removes porn from /hm/ and they should not be rewarded for their actions.
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BIG Butts

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Favorite Celebrities

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Post the celebrities you fantasize about on the daily
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Naked and hot twinks

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Tired of pictures of attractive guys in clothes and underwear.

Post the best pictures of naked twinks you found.
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