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White fat/large dicks

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Slighty chubby boys

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Post pics of young guys that are on the edge of being chubby
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Hot wrestler gifs

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Non porn gifs of hot dudes in wrestling singlets
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Chubby Guys with big cocks

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When they are packing, they are deadly
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Gimme dem barely contained bulges
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Locked up and horny

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So I'm halfway through a two week lockup session before I get to be unlocked for 3 days before locktober. Tonight my boyfriend edged me for an hour and then tells me that he'll let me cum one time whenever I want in exchange for those three days. I'm really tempted to take him up on that offer but on the other hand I don't know when I'll get to use my cock again if I give in.

Would you submit to him and accept your fate or could you hold out for a taste of sweet freedom?

Also post pics of pent up subby boys in chastity
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Hot tattooed men thread lets go

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Peak male form.
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This thread is for images of black and brown bottoms enjoying white cock.

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