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Modern Jews follow the talmud, they are talmudists

Christians are the only ones who respect the old testament

Maybe I am wrong but that's the impression I get
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Why didnt women fight for Fascism like they did for Communism?
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Explain to me why coping Trotskyoids think it isn't real communism.
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>china and india in 1940: both stagnant, corrupted impoverished shitholes that manage to scrape out a small amount of relevance via their massive populations

>china in 2020: a rising, disciplined economic powerhouse that is expanding domestic infrastructure at fantastic speeds and spreading its anti Western geopolitical and military influence across three continents and two oceans at a rate that would make the Soviet KGB turn green with envy

>India in 2020: a mutilated excuse of a nation-state of several dozen different squabbling ethnicities/cultures/religions that was/is held together only via communal seethe against the British, and remains a comparatively stagnant, incompetent shithole that's a mild regional power at best and a complete underachiever at worst
what went right for the former and what went wrong for the latter?
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>fundamentally incapable of taking and holding white land unless someone else won it for them
Is this true?
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Do we exist for no reason?

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He has never been refuted
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Why did the children of the North Eastern elite take such an interest in Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement in the mid-late 60’s? White Northerners seemed to be pretty indifferent towards segregation in the South before then.
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