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What about "document Q" ?

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What can be said about document Q, which some claim was a source for Matthew and Luke?

James M. Robinson, professor of religion, states: “Q is surely the most important Christian text that we have.”

That statement is surprising because document Q DOES NOT EXIST today, and in reality, no one can prove that it ever existed !!! Its total disappearance is all the more remarkable because scholars claim that several copies of the document must have circulated.

In addition, document Q is never quoted by the Church Fathers.

Think about this. Q is supposed to have existed and to have supported the hypothetical priority of Mark’s Gospel.

Is that not a case of one hypothesis built upon another hypothesis ???

When it comes to theories such as these, we are wise to keep this proverb in mind: “A simple man believes every word he hears; a clever man understands the need for proof.”—Proverbs 14:15, The New English Bible.

ITT: historical border gore

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obscure ones only

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How did the American "Ivy League" universities like Harvard, Yale, and Columbia (to name but a few) arrive at a position of world renown esteem and research superiority, in a country that was (and still is) regarded by much of Europe mostly for its philistinism? Was it just the world wars and the brain drain of European intellectuals that propelled the US to its standing of excellence in higher education and research, or is it rooted in the puritan tradition of the importance of literacy?
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is this the Brazilian phenotype?
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Does a greatest conceivable being possibly exist?
Restated: is it possible a greatest conceivable being exists?
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What psychological fact made you feel like pic related? For me it was when I realized that there are autists out there who have girlfriends and that therefore autism is not an excuse.

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It's such a shame that such a top-tier looking flag has so much baggage attached to it.
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Why do Some Berbers look chinky
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