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Gfs, wives, and random sluts in cars
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Arizona Thread

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I don't see an AZ thread on here so I figured I'd start one.
Looking for more of Her
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Temp Exposed Sluts

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Add them

BBW Thread

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Any pornstars with a similar body to Anastasia Lux?
She's my absolute favorite, I have a thing for chubby soft girls and proportions are insane
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Gina Valentina appreciation thread

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perfect little whore
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nice shecocks
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She did everything I wanted with absolutely no resistance. Fuck I'm glad I blew that $220 for an hour of bliss. It was almost like having a gf irl for a sec. I believed she liked me which is what's most important. I even got a second pop which never happens to me. And I almost didnt do it because I was feeling like shit beforehand. Life really throws you a curve ball sometimes. She massaged me after the first pop, then started playing with my dick and balls because the hour hadn't finished yet. I showed her that I was timing the whole thing on my phone because last time I'm pretty sure I got short changed. Anyways...I'm drinking whiskey and beers in celebration......AMA

pic rel is not related she was honestly like a 5/10 but her enthusiasm made up for her looks ten fold. I guess she likes white boys.