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Cheapest Prepaid Phone in US For Minimal Use?

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Need a prepaid phone that:
>Is cheap as hell.
>Will be used for SMS only; data irrelevant.
>Can be used minimally and still keep the minutes for as close to unlimited future use as possible.
>Is as far cheaper than $5 a month as possible.

Lads, what's the cheapest prepaid plan I can get to use only for maintaining SMS confirmation for sites? I intend to use the phone for NOTHING other than if one of the sites demands that I re-verify my account in the future after first creating and verifying an account. Other than that, the phone will sit unused preferably for years. But I will have to ensure I never lose the phone's number to someone else.

So far every prepaid plan I've seen is like $20+ a month AND you have to buy minutes again every few months even if you don't use the minutes at all. Is there such thing as a plan where I can just put $10 worth of minutes on the phone and never use it but still keep the number and minutes for a year or more?

Pic mildly related.