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apple is kinda based

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you guys lied to me. I tinkered around on an x220 for years, running arch, mint, manjaro, pop!, and every other meme. My windows gayman desktop finally bit the dust two months ago and I decided that I didn't want to deal with fixing my desktop or suffering my 20 year old laptop anymore and bit the bullet and bought the new M1 crapple mac pro. I've used it for work and entertainment for about two months now and it's the most ergonomic device I've ever used. It does what I expect it to do every time I want to do something. I can't say that for windows or linux. I'm finally free from being able to distract myself by tinkering with some inconsequential bullshit, too. My favorite thing is the keyboard and trackpad, which surprised me considering how often you guys shit on it. flame me if you want, this computer is BASED.

>inb4 "he believed something on /g/"