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- Proven, effective exercise routines
- Diet
- How to lose weight
- How to gain weight
- Supplements


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Supplemental reading: Harsh's /fit/ Wiki

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In the real world deadlifting 4pl8 is being stronger than 99.9% of the population but on the internet it's "intermediate" and everyone did it after two months of training. How come?
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>be over 30 years old
>be sore for 4-5 days
>never make progress cause rest for 4-5 days inbetween workouts
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/fit/ webm thread
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I'm doing stronglifts 5x5 and want to add Dips and Pull Ups, which one should I do on which day? 5x5 flips between Squat+OHP+DL and Squat+Bench+Row, basically want to target the day that is already working the muscle groups for Dip/PU least to round out my session more.

Also open to any other lifts/bodyweight exercises people would suggest adding to 5x5, I finish not exactly sore sore or gassed out so want to put a bit more work in each session.

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Eugenics Edition
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You really should be basketballmaxxing

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If you're decently tall, there is NO reason not to basketballmaxx
>Insane halo with girls (especially if you can dunk)
>One of the best avenues to make friends as an adult
>T boost after every dub (scientifically proven)
>Good for cardio

>inb4 muh apehoop muh low IQ muh muh muh
Keep coping gymcel, no girls care about your 3pl8 squat meanwhile pic related has millions of girls simping for him on tiktok
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Coomer supplements

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When should I take the coomer supplements?
Can I just take everything in the morning or do I have to time it a few hours before i coom?
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TFW too DYEL to match with used meat
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