Recent cops

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Post your recent cops, bots
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/FF/ - Flight Fits

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How do you dress for a flight?
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Clothes that reduce sweat odor

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I work outside, and I deoderant my pits but by the end of the day my whole body is sweaty. I got sports performance wear that cools well, but it feels like it makes me smell more.

Any tips on clothes that reduce odors?
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This is what I usually wear.
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>omg baggy high waisted jeans!!!
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Pleated high-waist & wide-leg trousers

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/fa/ or not /fa/?
I just bought a pair from COS. How would you style them? Both casual and more formal inspos will be appreciated.
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Are Bikini's /fa/shion?

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Best Bikini type?
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/fa/ couple goals

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