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Welcome to /diy/, a place to:

Post and discuss /diy/ projects, ask questions regarding /diy/ topics and exchange ideas and techniques.

Please keep in mind:
- This is a SFW board. No fleshlights or other sex toys.
- No weapons. That goes to /k/ - Weapons. The workmanship and techniques involved in creating objects which could be used as weapons or the portion of a weapons project that involves them (e.g., forging steel for a blade, machining for gunsmithing, what epoxy can I use to fix my bow) may be discussed in /diy/, but discussing weapon-specific techniques/designs or the actual use of weapons is disallowed. Things such as fixed blade knives or axes are considered tools, things such as swords, guns or explosives are considered weapons.
- No drugs or drug paraphernalia (See Global Rule 1). If you want to discuss something that could involve such things (e.g., carving a tobacco pipe from wood) that's fine, but make sure it's /diy/ related and doesn't involve drugs or it will result in deletion/ban.

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Do Americans really?
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I work as a cable guy but getting kind of sick of this job.
Don't really have any real skills or a college degree and all the high paying jobs are techy office shit.

Is there anything else I can transition into that gives me more pay, less workdays and not have to carry ladders or climb through insulation in hot attics?
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Why isn't ash used for insulation? It's super insulatory and fireproof
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I've been in this house for a year and I'm moving in a couple of weeks. There's certain spots on the wall that are stained I guess from just living here, I wanted to know if there's a mix that will get of the stains. Maybe something with bleach or vinegar, that seems to be the biggest concern to get all my security back

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Can I install one of these without cutting the wire? Like if i just strip one section and loop it around the screw would it cause problems?
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/ohm/ - waveform has a dong edition

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Thread got tin pest:>>2104137

>I'm new to electronics. Where to get started?
It is an art/science of applying principles to requirements.
Find problem, learn principles, design and verify solution, build, test, post results, repeat.

>Project ideas:

>Don't ask, roll:

>Archive of Popular Electronics magazines (1954-2003):
>Some guy’s list of electronics resources:
>Microchip Tips and Tricks PDF:
>Li+/LiPo batteries required reading:

>Principles (by increasing skill level):
Mims III, Getting Started in Electronics
Geier, How to Diagnose & Fix Everything Electronic
Kybett & Boysen, All New Electronics Self-Teaching Guide
Scherz & Monk, Practical Electronics for Inventors
Horowitz and Hill, The Art of Electronics

>Design/verification tools:
NI Multisim
iCircuit for Macs
KiCAD (PCB layout software, v5+ recommended)
Logisim Evolution

Mouser, Digi-Key, Arrow, Newark, LCSC (global)
RS Components (Europe)
eBay/AliExpress sellers, for component assortments/sample kits (caveat emptor)
Local independent electronics distributors

>Related YouTube channels:
Ben Eater

>I have junk, what do?
Shitcan it
>consumer product support or PC building?
>household/premises wiring?
More rules-driven than engineering, try /qtddtot/ or sparky general first
>antigravity and/or overunity?
Go away
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stripped screw

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Hey, I was taking apart my PS2 to replace the laser and in the process I accidentally dropped a tiny screw into it, so I'm trying to take the whole thing apart but I ran into a stripped screw that holds together a metal plate to a circuit board. How can I get it out without damaging anything important?

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Hey concrete boys
I've been using this stuff for over a year now as a water reducer and it has been working great.
But now they don't sell it on Amazon any more, and the manufacturer is telling me they can only sell it to me in bulk.
Does anyone have recommendations for superplasticizers / water reducers for cement that I can get online? Thanks

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How do I build my own personal hovercraft? Can't find any information. Where do I start?