Muscle Girls Thread #104

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Dayjob edition. Supplements ain't free.
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Leaking edition
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/analgen/ - anal toys & masturbation general

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>Last thread

>J-Lube FAQ / Reference
available on amazon as well
give X-Lube a try as well, it's like J but without sugar

>How to clean and be clean

>Get safe toys
>Say hello
If you want to post yourself, go to /trash/ cbg and cross-link to it like this >>>/trash/36825066

for webms with sound cross-link it to gif like this >>>/gif/19167663
>kegel exercises for the size queens [Embed]
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Mingaru Premium Insect

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Sharing Mingaru Insect premium picture. If you posted full set very helpful.
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Pic below is happening to you/is your new body

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BBW/SSBBW Thread - Lap of Luxury Edition

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Previous Thread >>9600534

Post girls who just wanna be comfy and happy and don't mind packing on a few pounds as a consequence.

Thread Question: What are some of your favorite things to see fat chicks eat? Bags of greasy junk food and gamer fuel to show how lazy they are? Fancy, multiple-course meals to emphasize the hedonism aspect? What about things that show off their capacity, like stacking a bunch of pizza boxes behind them or finishing off an entire roast cake or chicken? Any other scenarios that you wanna see more of in this regard? Why?
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Hairy Futas

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Hairy Futas. Especially those with hairy balls
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Sneeze Fetish Thread

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Rise up once more!
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Body Swap Thread

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The brains/minds/souls/spirits of people being swapped around and into the wrong bodies.
No furries.
No futa.
Anything else is allowed but try to keep the subject to female bodies (no images with only male bodies).
Also anyone got any good mom and son body swap ones?
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Office edition

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