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Hope nobody minds a followup thread since we hit the bump limit in one night and with this being a page 9 years in the making.

If you're just coming on, there are more pages on the site.
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Why are comics so repetitive?

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>Superman is died and was replaced by a minority I hate.
>this is so shocking and it makes me angry
>Superman returns
>thanks DC I'm so happy
>fast word to the future

>Superman is died and was replaced by a minority I hate.
>this is so shocking and it makes me angry
>Superman returns
>thanks DC I'm so happy

Do comic readers enjoy this limbo?
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Death Battle

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Spectacular Spider-Man (2008) vs The Batman (2004)
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Ben Riley ruined forever

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Everyone keeps saying the animated sections are fine, it's the live-action bits that are problematic and I genuinely cannot find anything wrong with it. It's just a happy old man singing and telling stories. The worst offender is that the scenes with the kids and their family drama are fucking boring. The scene where the kid gets attacked by the bull is pretty cool, though.

I have no idea where the criticism of, "It romanticizes the plantation era" comes from. It's a movie about telling Aesop-tier stories, so Remus tells stories. He's not exactly going to give a real history lesson while namedropping historical figures. Someone tell me what others see that I don't.
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>Spongbob is not g...
Why are people so scared of SpongeBob being a popular LGBT icon?
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Power Girl thread: ass edition
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Imagine this being your daughter.
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comfy South Park thread

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for comfy discussion only

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How does Genndy get to go from slapstick cartoony shows to action shows?

I know he went back to slapstick in Hotel Transylvania but most of his stuff is action oriented.