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ITT: Upcoming animated things to talk about. If it hasn't premiered yet, it goes in this thread.
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“Superman” is protesting climate change!

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Why doesn’t Jon just push the Earth farther away from the sun?
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Do you prefer the Western or Japanese design of Uzaki-chan?
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Star Trek

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What went wrong?
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Is this a good book to read? I got it for $3 at a garage sale.
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It’s gonna be really fucking bad
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The Ghost and Molly McGee discussion thread #15

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It's just me, or Death Battle is getting worse? Sure, they have better (most of the time) research and better animation, but fights itself are getting worse. Season finale episodes are getting gradually shorter and except Darkseid vs Thanos no season finale is long as Goku vs Superman. Also their music is cringe. It's maybe fitting lyrically, but musically it's just a random pop-rock song that doesn't fit to fight to death.It's just too easy-going and it destroys the seriousness and intensity of the fight. Why they can't come back to using music from the other shows? Because of music, this is scene from Venom vs Bane gives me chills and it's waay better than their generic ost.