Tails Gets Trolled Storytime Part 2

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Part 1: >>124860158
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Everyone always asks about Batman killing the joker

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And yet nobody every asks about spiderman killing Carnage. He's a character who's UNDENIABLY far more dangerous and just as fucked up in the head, with a much more straightforward explanation of why he should get killed as soon as possible due to his whole "basically a living weapon" thing, but nobody ever gives spiderman shit for not tossing him into an incinerator and turning it on or some shit.

Why the double standard against DC and not marvel here?
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Centaurworld Song Ranking

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What are some trans comics?
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ITT: Obscure cartoons you just barely remember

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Does anyone know this cartoon I vaguely remember?
It was on DVD and was about small animals (mice) in a slice of life setting
One episode was about the main character buying something but the store owner wasn't around so she just left money on the counter
The store owner didn't notice and accuse her of theft and proceeded to steal as well
Soon the whole town started stealing because they rationalized it
Eventually after the whole misunderstanding was cleared up the sheriff or something made everyone race in potato sacks
I'm trying to figure it out because it felt comfy in hindsight
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Why didn't they age peni a bit and made her the love interest? She's so, so much better than sjw Spider-gwen
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>was he wrong, lads?
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You want to stop seeing Cal Arts?
Start virusing, poisoning, burning SCAD, CN and everyone associated with it, but make sure your message is clear.

That's the only way you are getting rid of cal arts. Do the same to Family Guy and Simpsons and you'll finally see them cancelled.
You can also do the opposite and target Matt & Trey to do your fanfiction and do 30 episodes per season or else.

Be an islamist, get shit done. It's how islam started. Nobody gives a shit about you making noise, start ruining their lives over cartoons if you want good cartoons to be created and bad cartoons gone.
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Who is best cat and why is it Choo Choo?
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